Online Series Follows Budget-Traveler In Transit

“The journey, not the destination” is the motto of this entertaining no-frills travelogue starring budget traveller Peter Bragiel

Peter Bragiel of In Transit, WalkStars and ScootStars

Journey across the United States with budget traveller Peter Bragiel

“Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good adventure.” These words are spoken by Peter Bragiel in the opening moments of his ongoing web series, In Transit, and it isn’t just idle chatter.

Armed with the same attitude that took George Mallory to the top of Mount Everest, Bragiel was proving his mettle as an adventurer even before In Transit came into existence.

First, he and his friend Josh Hallman, calling themselves the WalkStars, took a leisurely stroll from Los Angeles to San Diego and documented the whole experience on video. As a follow-up, they decided it might be a hoot to hop on a pair of 49cc scooters, the top speed of which hovers just under 30 mph, and ride them across America as — wait for it — the ScootStars.

While those expeditions can now be found within the In Transit archives, the formal arrival of the series came with a brand new brainstorm from Bragiel: to travel from Los Angeles to the Panama Canal using only public transportation.

The trip, which began in February 2009, took a grand total of 56 days, which has been helpfully pared down to 26 episodes, lasting an average of about five minutes each. Being a savvy traveller, the whole thing ultimately cost Bragiel less than US$40 per day, plus an additional US$400 to fly back to Los Angeles.

By that point, though, can you really blame him for wanting to relax a little on his way home?

Still enthused with his life of adventure, it should come as no surprise that Bragiel has kept In Transit moving ever onward. In the series’ most recent episodes, Bragiel can be seen taking a trip down the Mississippi River in a canoe, accompanied by his brothers Dan and Paul, and, of course, his trusty cameraman, Tom.

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