Punk’d Returns: Justin Bieber Punks Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and More

MTV's infamous prank show Punk'd returns to TV, guest hosted by Justin Bieber with Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus as the premiere's first victims

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The punker and his victims – Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift

Punk’d premiere has Justin Bieber Hosting, targets Taylor Swift and Miley Cryrus first

Punk’d is back on MTV and kicks off its revamped premiere with guest host Justin Bieber. He immediately sets his sights on country cutie Taylor Swift, who seems like she should be nice and gullible for a punking.

The set up is a wedding taking place on a boat off the coast of Malibu that is hosting a wedding is going to “catch on fire” from Bieber and Swifty’s fireworks that they’ve been setting off and the wedding party is going to be jumping into the ocean. Bieber says of the punking, “There’s no chance that she won’t cry.”

Unfortunately, he is wrong.The wedding party starts to come to shore, mad as heck, and Taylor kind of freaks out, but she doesn’t quite panic the way we were hoping she would and they reveal the punking before she can really lose her mind. Honestly, the wedding party didn’t really play that right either.

Bah. Somebody as sweet as Taylor should’ve been a way better punking victim than that. Remember when Timberlake cried over his stuff getting repossessed? That was a good one.

The highlight is actually the Miley Cyrus punking. She thinks she’s on the show to punk Justin Bieber, but in reality it’s a double-cross punking. Miley thinks she’s set up some skate boarders to harass Justin about his car, but in reality Justin is going to make it look like he has snapped and starts fake beating up the kids. Her reaction is pretty hilarious.

So, what do you think of the Punk’d return to MTV? When do we get an episode where Bieber actually gets got? Surely they can come up with something to get him.