The Office: Jenna Fischer Says the Cast Wants to Come Back

Rumours that The Office may be gearing up for a reboot has sparked Jenna Fischer to announce that the current cast would be "really excited to come back"

Credit: NBC

The Office’s loveable Pam Beasley

After speculation that the cast of The Office may not return, Jenna Fischer sets the record straight

We still haven’t heard much from NBC on whether The Office will return for a ninth season, and if it does, which members of the cast will return with it.

One of the show’s stars, however, says the actors are all willing to do another year.

“It’s not up to me, because I’m just the actor, but the actors are all prepared and wanting to come back,” Jenna Fischer tells The Hollywood Reporter. “The whole cast, I’m talking about everybody — Ed [Helms], John [Krasinski], me, everyone is wanting to come back. So it’s really just a matter of NBC pulling the trigger.”

And, of course, getting everyone signed. Fischer, Helms, Krasinski and B.J. Novak don’t have contracts in place for next season. The Office team is working on a spinoff for Rainn Wilson, and Mindy Kaling has her own pilot at FOX.

Still, Fischer tells the HR, “We’re really excited to come back, everybody wants to come back. I know Rainn does have his show, but he’s going to come back to The Office as well. So yeah, we’re just waiting.”