The Simpsons’ Game of Thrones Opening Blows Our Pop Culture Minds

If you're a GoT fan, you'll love this inventive opening credits sequence from The Simpsons

Winter is coming to Springfield

The Simpsons spoofs Game of Thrones for the opening credits

Tonight’s episode of The Simpsons has the best couch opener in the history of the show. Yes, we are huge Game of Thrones fans over here, so it’s no surprise that we think so. Watch it and we’re sure you’ll agree.

In the intro, all the buildings in Springfield rise like they do in the Game of Thrones intro, complete with the theme music. Springfield as Westeros. Actually, we’d love to see an entire show with that theme. Although Bart and Lisa as Jaime and Cersei . . . maybe not.

Check out the intro below and let us know what you think. And while you’re at it, click here to check out the brand new trailer set to Florence and the Machine’s “Seven Devils.” How many days until April 1st?