Two and a Half Men: Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer Offered Two-Year Deals to Stay with Show, But There’s a Catch…

Uncertainty looms over Two and a Half Men's potential tenth season as the show's two leads lobby for pay raises

Will Two and a Half Men see a tenth season?

Due to pay raise issues, the future of Two and a Half Men seems uncertain

Not so fast there Mr. Kutcher.

Just hours after Ashton Kutcher was reportedly closing in on a deal to pay him $1 million per episode to return to Two and a Half Men, The Hollywood Reporter is saying there’s a chance that Kutcher may not get a pay hike after all. The publication is adding that CBS and WBTV made offers to the show’s two big stars, Kutcher and Jon Cryer, to return for two more seasons but with no pay increase.

This offer could prove problematic for Kutcher who essentially lobbied publicly for a pay raise at the TCA winter press tour. It is here he noted that ratings for Two and a Half Men are up, demos are younger and he’s got a lot of other options at his disposal.

The other trick here is that if negotiations go poorly and the show isn’t renewed, the program won’t have written an appropriate series finale. It will simply just sort of end after nine years.

But we have a sneaking suspicion the lure of too much cash will bring all the sides together before all is said and done.