What to Watch: Thurs, September 27

The new season of The Big Bang Theory premieres, and Wolowitz discovers that even space isn't far enough when it comes to escaping his mother

The Big Bang Theory (New Season)
8 p.m., CTV & CBS
Wolowitz discovers that in even in the depths of outer space, there’s no escape from his loudmouthed mother, and he finds himself caught in the middle of a fight between Bernadette and his mom while orbiting the Earth. Meanwhile, Raj experiences extreme loneliness while all his friends are out on dates.

Last Resort (New Series)
8 p.m., Global & ABC
In this exciting new adventure series, Andre Braugher and Scott Speedman star as members of the crew of a nuclear submarine who defy orders from their government to attack a foreign country and then find themselves considered terrorists and on the run. After being fired on and damaged, the sub heads to a tropical island where the crew tries to figure out a way to clear their names and uncover a massive political conspiracy.

Two and a Half Men (New Season)
8:30 p.m., CTV & CBS
Grammy-winning pop star Michael Bolton, who recently showed his comedic side on the popular Lonely Island song “Jack Sparrow,” continues down that path when he appears as himself in this episode in which Walden tries to surprise Zoey on her birthday.

Person of Interest (New Season)
9 p.m., Citytv & CBS
Even with Finch kidnapped, the Machine never sleeps — and spits out another social security number for Reese (Jim Caviezel) to deal with while he simultaneously tries to find and rescue the missing genius.

Undercover Boss Canada
9 p.m., W
Cooke Aquaculture CEO Glenn Cooke experiences an entirely new perspective on his own salmon-farming business when he spends a week undercover, working alongside the unsuspecting Maritimers who spend their days raising fish.

Elementary (New Series)
10:01 p.m., Global & CBS
If the BBC’s modern-day adaptation Sherlock isn’t enough for you, then check out this stylish new series in which recovering addict Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) works as a consultant to the New York Police Department to solve unusual cases with his unique power of perception. Assisted by his “sober companion” Dr. Joan Watson (Lucy Liu), this new version of the legendary crime-solving duo work under the guidance of Capt. Toby Gregson (Aidan Quinn) to solve seemingly impossible cases.