What to Watch: Wed, April 17

In the season finale of Mr. D, Gerry convinces Bobbi to let him coach the girls’ team during the playoffs in hopes of landing his own team next year

Mr. D (Season Finale)
8 p.m., CBC
As proof that he can handle his own basketball team next year, Gerry convinces Bobbi to let him coach the girls’ team during the playoffs. Meanwhile, Robert interrogates the entire staff to find the one person who made a negative comment and sullied his otherwise perfect evaluation.

Guts With Michael Mosley
7 p.m. & 12:30 a.m., WTVS; 10 p.m., KCTS
As you sit back after dinner and let your food digest, check out this scientific look at just how that digestion is taking place. Using a technologically advanced camera “pill,” host Michael Mosley allows viewers to tour the entire digestive tract while medical experts explain what’s happening along the way.

7 p.m. & 12:15 a.m., Bravo
There’s no turning back after Carrie and Brody spend a torrid weekend together at a remote cabin. Meanwhile, Saul finds the terrorist suspect he’s been looking for, and brings her back to Washington before she can cross the border to Mexico.

Suburgatory (Season Finale)
8 p.m., Citytv & ABC
In this hour-long finale (which is essentially two episodes aired back to back), Dallas offers to help George tell Tessa that he’s sold their house and that they’re combining residences, but things don’t go as planned. Then, Sheila launches a chastity campaign in Chatswin and manages to convince Mr. Wolfe to throw a Chastity Ball at the high school, assuming that Lisa will be crowned queen of the ball, while Tessa sets up residence in one of the school’s bathroom stalls.

Arctic Air (Season Finale)
9 p.m., CBC
When Caitlin’s kidnappers deliver their ransom note, it’s not money that they want, but ask for Nelson to be handed over in return for the girl’s safety. Meanwhile, Dev, Blake and Astrid accompany a dog that inherited $10 million from Yellowknife to Portland.

9 p.m., CHEK & The CW
Sam and Dean team up with their old friend Charlie (Felicia Day) in this rerun in which they investigate the deaths of two people involved in live-action role playing. When they discover the killer is a fairy, the brothers find out the only way to stop her murder spress is to track down the creature’s master.