What to Watch: Wed, December 12

Tonight, check out the Lady Antebellum Christmas Concert: On This Winter’s Night

Lady Antebellum Christmas Concert: On This Winter’s Night
8 p.m. & 9 p.m., MC1
To coincide with the release of their new Christmas album On This Winter’s Night, the band performs original numbers and traditional holiday favourites — including “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”, “Silver Bells” and “Blue Christmas” — all backed by a full string section to deepen their sound.

7 p.m., CTV; 8 p.m., The CW
Oliver tries to put together the perfect Christmas for Moira and Thea when he learns they stopped celebrating the holiday after he and his father disappeared. Meanwhile, Laurel has to decide whether to spend the big day with Tommy or with her father, commemorating her late sister’s birthday.

Holiday Festival on Ice 2012
8 p.m., CBC
Some of the biggest names in the world of figure skating strap on their blades for this holiday spectacular, which includes performances from Elvis Stojko, Kurt Browning, Joannie Rochette and Shawn Sawyer, with music by Measha Brueggergosman.

The Neighbors
8:30 p.m., CTV2 & ABC
The aliens get their first taste of death when local gardener Juan dies, but Larry Bird discovers his own way to deal with the issue by bringing Juan back from the dead.

Modern Family
8:59 p.m., Citytv; 9 p.m., ABC
While renovating a rundown field for Luke and Manny’s baseball game, Claire and Cam get the idea that they should start “flipping” houses, leaving Phil and Mitchell arguing about who should stop them.

Barbara Walters Presents the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2012
9:31 p.m., ABC
Although her No. 1 choice won’t be announced until the last minute (fingers crossed for Honey Boo Boo!), Walters brings together such runner-ups as Ben Affleck, Hillary Clinton, Brit boy band One Direction and Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane for this year’s special.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
10 p.m., CTV & CBS
The crash of a small plane a mile off the Strip has the CSI team suspecting foul play. Meanwhile, Sara discovers that she still has feelings for an old colleague from San Francisco when they team up on a case.