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EP!C: The Vancouver Sun Sustainable Living Expo at the Vancouver Convention Centre, May 8–10, 2009


Vancouver’s annual sustainable living expo offers plenty of green inspiration and valuable education through speakers, workshops, cooking stages and exhibitors’ booths—plus, plenty of deals you can’t get anywhere else on a variety of eco-products. Learn more about the show here.


Granville Online's guide to the 2009 edition of the EP!C expo:


Granville at EP!C

The Granville editorial team offers our picks of the show’s must-see speakers and workshops. 


Organic vs. non-organic cocktails

In anticipation of his organic cocktails workshop at EP!C, Trevor Kallies of the Granville Room serves up a sneak preview to a skeptical crowd. Plus, Trevor’s guide to sourcing organic ingredients in Vancouver.

Eco and ethical bedding essentials

With several of eco-bedding experts presenting at EP!C, we decided to look into the health and environmental risks of traditional bedding and get tips for creating a better sleep environment for your family. Plus, a handy shopping guide


Podcast: The hazards of “pure” baby shampoo exposed

Stacy Malkan, who’ll present on the chemical contents of your family’s bath and beauty products at EP!C, speaks with Home [Eco]nomics blogger Diane Selkirk about baby bath, lipstick and formaldehyde.


EcoFashion: Local fashion designers at EP!C

Some of the most active stylemakers in the local ecofashion movement will be appearing at the EP!C sustainable living expo, May 8-10. Check out our top five picks.


Podcast: The economics of happiness 

A conversation with economist Mark Anielski, EP!C presenter and author of the book The Economics of Happiness, about achieving Genuine Wealth.


Is it really garbage?

Peter Cech of Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Challenge gives facts and figures on our wasteful habits and encourages community-driven solutions. Learn more at the family-friendly workshop on recycling at this weekend’s EP!C show.