Credit: Flickr/Jennie Faber

All the coffee-making accessories you need to grind, press, steam and froth

Brew your beans like a barista with these espresso machine sidekicks

You've got your coffee maker ready to go. Now accessorize with the tools you'll need to make the best possible home-brew.

Coffee Bean Grinder

When it comes to cutting down beans to consistent size, burr grinders are better than those with blades.

The Italian-made Baratza Virtuoso Burr Coffee Grinder has 40 grind settings and a hopper that holds up to half a pound of beans. $299.95, Williams-Sonoma

Container for Steaming

Use this 12-oz stainless steel container when frothing and steaming your milk. $14.99, Bella Vita

foam-frother-3.jpgFoam Frother

Whip up some milk with this hand-held frother by Trudeau and take your coffee to a foamy, cloud-like level. $9.99, Ming Wo

grindenstein-knock-box-3.jpgKnock Box

The Grindenstein knock box from Dream Farm eliminates the messy process of banging used grinds from your machine’s portafilter. $29.99, Ming Wo

coffee-press-3.jpgCoffee Press

Use this stylish tamper, made by Vancouver Island’s Reg Barber, for compacting ground coffee into an espresso machine portafilter before brewing. $32.95, Espressotec 

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