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April 28, 2018

Celebrate what Vancouver and the rest of BC has to offer! Tap into the pulse of the city with arts and culture festivals, food events, and more.


4:00pm Saturday, April 28th to 5:30pm Saturday, April 28th Tour starts at the Gastown steam clock

Take a journey back into a salacious time where liquor, ladies and lust ruled the streets. The Vancouver Police Museum’s exclusive tour, “Red Light Rendezvous,” takes you on a two-hour journey through dark dens and hidden alleys where pimps and madams ruled the city with sex, prostitution and corruption. From Dupont Street all the way to Shanghai Alley, find out how the sex… more

Women's Health Show Vancouver

This FREE event will be bustling with activity from engaging lectures, informative natural health retailers, and fantastic prizes! Natural health and wellness experts will be sharing their expertise on women’s health topics from healthy aging, stress management, hormone support, and weight control. Grab your friends and check out the exciting 2nd Annual Women’s Health Show!… more

Exterior Painting and Historic Colours Workshop

Join Heritage Consultant Donald Luxton to discover the history of exterior painting of homes in Vancouver and how colour can enhance modern-day restorations. Donald was involved in the development of Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s True Colours Palette in 1999, identifying many of the colours from the analysis of hundreds of buildings in Vancouver. He will talk about how paint was… more

Carmelahhh Presents: The Great Escape

Close your eyes, and allow your imagination to paint the most beautiful landscape of them all; a portrait of your dream escape destination from the overbearing nonsense in your life! In the darkness of your cute, little eyelids, you see a paradise so bountiful that you could never imagine running out of happiness. You often travel to this magical place that fills you with so much joy that you… more

BEE Cause Body Care & More!

Organic unrefined beeswax is the foundation for many nourishing body care products. The amazing wax locks in moisture allowing skin to breath. Beeswax not only keep us moisturized but also protects skin from the harsh environments. Beeswax also works as a skin softener, and nourishes our skin too. In this value packed class, make and take home a healthy lip balm, an herbal salve, and a lotion… more

Clean N' Green

Going back to basics and cleaning our home naturally! Eliminate nasty neurotoxins in your home! Create environmentally-friendly household cleaners: citrus cleaning powder, window n’ glass shine, room fresh and oven cleaner. Recipes for bug repellent, disinfectant room spray, bed bug sheet spray and a microwave clean up. Taught by Cheryl Theilade of Scentimental Creations. Complimentary… more

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