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How to Prevent 
Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmer’s ear, a painful inflammation of the outer ear canal, is more likely to occur if you're spending a lot...

XS-NRG: Local runners tackle 180-kilometre trail

Vancouver athletes take on the Sunshine Trail in new documentary premiering Saturday.

How to Find a Good Personal Trainer

One of the best investments you can make in your fitness is hiring a personal trainer. Here's what to look...

Strengthen Your Glutes for a Firm Butt and Better Posture

Women will spend hundreds of dollars on jeans that make their behinds look good. But well-functioning gluteal muscles do a...

Why You Need An Hour of Exercise Every Day

To prevent weight gain in middle age, women need one hour a day 
of moderate exercise

Health Benefits of Dancing

Did you know you can burn 150 calories doing just 30 minutes of moderate social dancing?

Five Factors for Optimal Fitness - Get Some Exercise

Do you know how much exercise you need to maintain your health?

Five Factors for Optimal Fitness - Creating a Support Network

One of the best things you can do to assure your success in getting fit is to enlist the help...

Battle Workout Boredom with Fitness Fusion

Fitness fusion involves mixing and matching two or three physical activities to challenge your muscles and your mind

How to Use Weights without Injury

Using hand or ankle weights while exercising can increase your risk of injury

The cycling report

Vancouver commuter cycling "hits" and "misses" over the past year.

Mountain Equipment Co-op

The standard in outdoor gear, cooperatively owned MEC now sells bikes.

What's in a yoga mat?

Our expert's guide to finding the best, eco-friendly yoga mat.

GREEN: Fossil-fuel-less sports for community engagement

Blogger Emily Jubenvill extols the virtues of team sports to community resiliency.

REALITY: Some blood, lots of sweat, no tears and a medium load of laundry

Granville's "Reality" blogger recommends three sports for maximum punch with minimal upstart.

Let it Snow…

Maia got up this morning, ran to the window then woke us up—letting us know it had snowed during the...

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