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Health & Fitness
The 10 Best Barre Classes in Vancouver

Combining the grace and precision of ballet with the resistance work of weight training, barre's low-impact technique combines the best...

Health & Fitness
BodyBoss HIIT Program Review

Lazy-girl workout hacks HIIT (high-intensity interval training) moves that burn fat Reasons why she loves the program ... plus more!

The 5 Best Fall Hikes in Canada

Eric Magnan, travel media and travel trade relations officer at Parks Canada, offers up five of the best national parks...

Health & Fitness
5 Awesome Kayaking Trips in Harrison, B.C.

With wild birds, scenic wilderness and breathtaking waterfalls, these five great kayaking trips offer much more than a killer workout

Health & Fitness
Discover Canada's National Parks This Summer

In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, Parks Canada is offering free admission to all national parks, historic sites and marine...

Health & Fitness
5 Top Tips to Help You Combat Runner's Stomach

Does running through the park have you running to the bathroom? Check out these top tips on how to tame your tummy on your next jog

Health & Fitness
Weightlifting Tips for Beginners

What if we told you all you needed to begin your weightlifting journey was a broomstick and a gallon of milk?

25 Incredible Hiking Trails in British Columbia

If you think that 'Beautiful British Columbia' has become a trite moniker, it's time to get off the sofa. This province...

Health & Fitness
7 Easy Ways to Experience the Great Outdoors in B.C.

We are positively flush with natural beauty here in Vancouver. Ringed by soaring mountains and sparkling oceans, outdoor adventure should...

5 Tips for a Healthy Vacation

A vacation doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your health and fitness goals. Here are five ways to get active on your next trip

Is Working Out on the Job Enough?

Don’t count on your job or your daily chores to improve your fitness level. Being active at work, doing housework...

When and How to Refuel

Whether you’re training for a 5-km run or a marathon, knowing when and how to refuel is essential. It can...

Is Hot Yoga Safe?

In the chill of winter, it’s natural to crave a little more warmth in your life. While some reach for...

Postnatal Exercise Tips for New Moms

“Moms are so under-cared for,” says the owner and founder of Form Body Lab, Jessica Slonski. “Pre- and post-natal education is one...

The Lagree Workout Comes to Vancouver

It's 40 intense minutes of fitness that Hollywood's biggest celebrities swear by—and it's now open in Vancouver to get you in shape

Beginner’s Tips and the Benefits of a Barre Workout

Barre is well-known for being a great full-body workout. From core to tush to sculpted arms, barre targets every zone...

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