Credit: Courtesy of the VACC

New to fall cycling and looking for support? First stop: VACC

The Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition is a good place to start if you’re looking for some advice and help on how to ride your bike in traffic or in the fall/winter.

Last year, the volunteer-run non-profit society organized its first November Bike to Work Week. The goal was to show that it’s possible to bike all year round, and 2,500 cyclists registered.

“The good news was that 1,000 of them told us that they never commute in the fall or winter. And they were willing to try then!” says Kathy Sinclair, VACC office manager.

To encourage cyclists to be more visible when riding in the dark, the VACC produced a short video called "Let’s Get Visible."

Check it out and get enlightened with some of the illuminated items presented in the video:



Register for November Bike to Work Week today!

You can register for the November 2–8 Bike to Work Week starting in mid-October.


Get streetwise with fall commuting workshops

The VACC now offers fall commuting workshops for work places. Several offices have already signed up to get tips on how to be more bike-commuting friendly.

All year round the coalition also offers Streetwise cycling courses. “It helps beginners to gain confidence when cycling in traffic,” says Sean McKibben, VACC director of programs.

Check out this video to learn more about the streetwise cycling courses:


The VACC's next courses dates and locations are published on its website.