Credit: Courtesy UBC Farm and by Jeannette Ordas

On April 7, the Friends of UBC Farm are organizing the Great Farm Trek of 2009. While this is an opportunity to celebrate the farm and its community of supporters, organizers of the event also hope to encourage the UBC Board of Governors to support the proposed preservation of the 24-hectare farm in its current location.


Dating back to the early 1900s, the farm provides a model of sustainable land use. UBC Farm/Centre for Sustainable Food Systems draws interns from all over the world to study organic farming, including crop rotation, green manure and pest control, with an emphasis on human energy and hand-cultivation tools.

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Why save the UBC Farm?

Lesa Dee Tree talks with the Friends of the UBC Farm’s Andrew Rushmere.


Learn about food security and organic gardening programs on the UBC farm, and understand the implications of the Official Community Plan on the farm.


Plus, find out who’ll be speaking and performing at the Great Farm Trek of 2009.


The university’s Official Community Plan (OCP) allocates the farm’s location as a future housing reserve. Developing the farm would provide the university with solutions to student housing shortages and great financial gains through market housing. Proponents of the farm argue that it is the only fully operating farm in the Vancouver region and, for this reason alone, has inherent value.


The OCP proposes a decentralized version of the farm and is currently under review by the Board of Governors. This means that the main farming practices would be transferred to remote locations throughout the Lower Mainland.


Farm supporters suggest that parceling up the site to remote locations will impact the legacy of the educational, community and entrepreneurial programs that have been in place since the ’70s. Further, they say tours for school children, partnerships with First Nations and community groups, and enterprises such as the farmers market and providing year-round farm fresh food to local eating establishments would all be impacted.


The Great UBC Farm Trek

Tuesday April 7 – 3:30 p.m.

The trek begins at the UBC Student Union Building and culminates at the farm around 6 p.m.


The UBC farm provides a mode of food security and the means to educate people about the value of sustainable urban organic farming. The university and the greater community of Vancouver are participating in a promising discussion on the viable preservation of the farm.


The Great UBC Farm Trek


The Great Farm Trek of 2009 on Tuesday, April 7, from 3:30 p.m., is a great opportunity to see the farm, celebrate its place in the community and learn more about this important issue.


The Agora String Band will be leading the Trek. Other musical acts that will be performing at the farm include Blackberry Wood, the Carnival Band, Sambata and Papa Tom.


Headlining speakers will be James MacKinnon, co-author of the 100 Mile Diet, and Rex Weyler, co-founder of Greenpeace.


Did you know?
One in four British Columbians are within a 45-minute drive of the UBC Farm.


For more information about the Trek, contact the Alma Mater Society by phone (604-822-2901) or email, or visit the Friends of the UBC Farm online.