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Working out with a friend is a good way to get motivated

Physical fitness is a key element to living well.

After all, if your body can't provide you with vibrant energy, it's going to be pretty tough to live life to the fullest.  

To improve your fitness there are five critical components that need to be addressed:

  1. Support and accountability
  2. Appropriate exercise and activity
  3. Sound nutrition
  4. Adequate recovery and stress management
  5. Supportive supplementation

Let's look at the first factor, support and accountability.

No one ever achieves success alone. Have you ever noticed the first thing most award winners do when they come up to the podium? They acknowledge and thank all the people who helped them along the way.     

The best athletes in the world have coaches and a team of people behind them. They realize the importance of a mentor to help them improve, and they know a support system is crucial to performing at their best.

So who's in your support network?  

Don't have one? Well get one!    

Creating a Support Network

One of the best things you can do to assure your success in getting fit is to enlist the help of the people closest to you. Get your family and friends involved. Tell them you want to get fitter and ask them to join you or ask for their assistance.  

If you're trying to eat better and you live with another person, it'll be a lot easier if they agree to improve their diet with you. At least ask them not leave the junk food out in plain sight to tempt you.

I admit I enjoy working out and training more than the average person, but I still have training friends and partners to keep me on schedule. My dog has been one of my best trail-running buddies over the years. I just wish he'd learn how to wipe his own paws after a muddy three-hour run.      

You could join a running group, a yoga class, a bootcamp or any other type of fitness class. The camaraderie of the group is as much a benefit as the instruction.

If there aren't any groups in your area, start your own.

One of my clients has a sister who lives in a small, remote town in northern B.C. There are no gyms and definitely no yoga studios. During the winter it's much too cold to do anything outdoors so she has a group of her friends join her to do exercise videos together.      

Studies have shown that even joining an online community is helpful in sticking to a fitness program.

So go grab a friend and get fit together!

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