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Turkey talk

At the foot of the Cascade Mountains live a group of the most pampered, privileged turkeys around. They’re encouraged to...

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If they grow it, can they kill it?

There was an eerie silence when the hatchet came down, severing the chicken’s neck in the backyard in Nelson. “It...

Local Food
Thank goodness for Vancouver's Winter Farmers Market

Saturday, November 7 was opening day for the 2009–10 season of the Winter Farmers Markets in Vancouver. At the market, located...

Recommended Vancouver vegan restaurants

Dining out, especially with friends, can be one of the more stressful aspects of being a vegan. First, you have...

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See and hear vegan

Vegans are everywhere – on the radio, on YouTube and in the news. Check out what they're saying Watch – Listen – Read – Click Listen: Raw Vegan Radio Vegan Freak Radio Watch: VeggieWorld in Vancouver Click the videos at right...

Food & Drink
Going vegan, the Vancouver way

Worried about climate change? Animal cruelty? Workers' rights? Dwindling freshwater supplies? Your health? Want to save the planet? Well, look no further than your dinner plate.

Why vegan? 22 reasons for going vegan

1. Vegans on average live six years longer than non-vegans. 2. Food tastes better to vegans because their taste buds are...

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Shark fin frenzy

There is a scene in Rob Stewart’s acclaimed documentary, Sharkwater, in which a live shark is shorn of its fins...

Winchester Cellars: Gin dandy

Longtime winemaker and whisky connoisseur Ken Winchester was so captivated by the history and mystique of gin that he waded...

Your pet Painted Turtle

Ever thought about the carbon footprint of your glass of Shiraz? Okanagan wine producer Painted Turtle has – and now...

Vancouver's Ethical Bean serves up coffee with a side of ethics to go

There is plenty percolating beyond the stylish interior of Ethical Bean Coffee Company’s Kootenay Street head office, aside from the...

Local Food

Enquiring minds can now tot up their meal’s travel miles – at least for items available through SPUD, a Vancouver-based...

André LaRivière and the Green Table Network

André LaRivière is out to change the world, one restaurant at a time. The founder and executive director of the...

Food & Drink
Dept. of the brave new world

I think we can all agree that the best thing about being alive these days is the convenience. Okay, no, we haven't yet got the jet-packs and robots the Saturday morning cartoons promised us and, yes, we have an impending...

Dolce Amore: Bottled liquid gold

In the early morning hours of Valentine’s Day 2003, when most people were still tucked under their warm blankets, the...

Artful brew

It’s no secret that Vancouverites have been seduced by the velvety black liquid that fills our coffee cups each morning.

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