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Eating simple, healthy meals doesn't have to be boring. No more plain baked chicken and plain salad.

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Recipe: Winter Squash Soup with Maple Spiced Hazelnuts

Squash is a delicious, vitamin-rich local vegetable. And hazelnuts "make" this soup!

Recipe: Goat Cheese Gnocchi

Fresh gnocchi are light and fluffy and make a unique appetizer.

Local, organic and in-season holiday recipes

Bill Jones offers up a sumptuous (sustainable) holiday menu.

Food & Drink
Sustainable Sushi?

A grassroots campaign leads local sushi chefs to think about sustainability.

Local Food
Turkey talk

Meet and eat the most pampered, privileged turkeys around

Food & Drink
If they grow it, can they kill it?

Backyard chickens on Deconstructing Dinner

Local Food
Thank goodness for Vancouver's Winter Farmers Market

Searching for local, fresh, organic veggies?

Recommended Vancouver vegan restaurants

Vegans and meat-eaters alike may find congress with these top vegan-friendly spots.

Food & Drink
See and hear vegan

Vegans are everywhere – on the radio, on YouTube and in the news. Check out what they're saying Watch –...

Food & Drink
Going vegan, the Vancouver way

Worried about climate change? Animal cruelty? Workers' rights? Dwindling freshwater supplies? Your health? Want to save the planet? Well, look...

Why vegan? 22 reasons for going vegan

Why cut out meat? Besides the bevy of delicious food options...

Food & Drink
Shark fin frenzy

A taste for soup threatens the survival of the ocean's top predator.

Winchester Cellars: Gin dandy

Perfecting a handcrafted gin, at Vancouver Island's first distillery.

Your pet Painted Turtle

When you sit down to glass of vino, make sure you're not sipping gas.

Vancouver's Ethical Bean serves up coffee with a side of ethics to go

The ethics of coffee are now as easy to swallow as the liquid itself.

Local Food

The distance your food travels to you.

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