Faubourg Paris Launches Selection of Gourmet Ice Cream

Beat the heat and enjoy something sweet with Faubourg's decadent ice cream and sorbet

Forget about chasing the ice cream truck this summer. Just run down to your nearest Faubourg

Vancouver’s Faubourg is known around town for its flaky pastries and sweet treats, and now the Parisian pâtisserie has added gourmet ice cream and sorbets to its menu.

The ice cream is made from scratch in Faubourg’s East Vancouver kitchen in small batches. The luxurious flavours include two delicious combos: vanilla bean ice cream with raspberry sorbet, and praline ice cream with chocolate sorbet. Other mouth-watering flavours include salted caramel ice cream, strawberry ice cream and Meyer lemon sorbet.

For a decadent dessert, top one of Faubourg’s authentic French pastries with ice cream or sorbet. Try combining strawberry ice cream with a slice of fruit tart for the neighbourhood barbeque, or serve chocolate and praline ice cream with chocolate twists at your next dinner party.

$4.50 per serving, available at all three Faubourg locations (Kerrisdale Village, 2156 East 41st Avenue; downtown, 769 Hornby Street; Park Royal South, 792 Main Street)