Farm to Table: BC’s Best Boutique Grocery Stores and Markets

Discover BC’s farm-fresh produce, highest quality meats, artisanal cheese and more – bought right from the source. Many BC farms have attached markets and storefronts located on the property where you can purchase their wares to take home. It doesn’t get much fresher than this does it?


Hopcott Farms


Hopcott Farms is a cattle farm known for some of the best beef in the biz, and any BC chef will tell you so. The butcher shop is impressive, selling not only the highest quality meat that comes from their own farm, but also chicken, lamb, and pork from BC farms they respect. The market itself contains the butcher counter, artisanal groceries, locally sourced fresh produce, a freezer section with exceptional sausage, a deli counter, and bistro.


D Dutchmen Dairy


D Dutchmen Dairy has been around for forty years, with generations of visitors lining up for their old fashioned, handmade dairy products. All their milk is sourced from their small, family-owned, and operated farm where healthy, happy cows roam. 62 flavours of hand scooped ice cream are on offer, fresh milk and cream is sold in glass bottles, and a variety of block cheeses make decision making tough. (try the garlic and onion cheddar) 


Krause Berry Farms


Krause Berry Farms has a well-stocked market that includes their own line of jams, fruits and vegetables grown right on the farm, and now in their 50th year of operation there seems no sign of slowing down. Gorgeous berry custard pies in the summer? Check. Over 125 products created directly from produce they grow? Colour us impressed. Seasonal treats rotate over the year, so visit often and do not miss the roasted corn pizza. And of course, as the name suggests, the freshest, most delicious berries. Try u-pick for a fun outing too.


Peach Hill Farm Market


Peach Hill Farm Market is a family owned and operated produce farm that may well have some of the biggest, firmest cherries in BC, consistently every summer. While you visit be sure and grab a handful of fresh garlic scapes to throw in your next stir-fry, some gorgeous yellow beans that need only the slightest steaming, and a homemade, flaky peach pie.


Klassen Farms


Klassen Farms  is well loved for their blueberries, and the farm’s store carries them in a few varieties both frozen and fresh. Never underestimate the value of frozen berries, they’re just perfect for your smoothie and sold here at a great price too. The farm has been in operation for over thirty years and has eighty acres dedicated to growing what some say are the best blueberries in BC. Grab some blueberry lemonade (made in-house), to take home and share, and a blueberry parfait that will likely not even make it to the car before your finish it. Well, you tried.