Great Finds at BC Winery Shops

Buying a bottle (or several) in a wine store is always a fun shopping and tasting experience, but never underestimate the other treasures to be found there. Gifts, wine accessories, gourmet foods and more fill the shelves and showcases, so look beyond the bottles. Happy shopping!



Ever had your sparkling wine opened by sabre? You know how satisfying it is to watch an expert effortlessly just slice the top off of your bottle of bubble, while you watch the fully caged cork fly across the room. Now, you can do this at home. Hello party trick! Township 7 has two locations, one in Naramata and the other in Langley, and the winery is well known for it’s seven stars portfolio of sparkling wines. Buy this sabre to take home or gift to someone you know will use it with delight. For the best tutorial on sabres sign up for the Sabre and Sip – The Art of Sabreage events. 


Blasted Church

Blasted Church sells THE best pickles made with love locally in Cawston by Su Claire of Flip Flop Farms. Buy one for a friend, and one for yourself. Nothing like homemade crunchy, super satisfying briny pickles, especially when someone else made them for you. 


Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry has the cutest wine charms that put all other wine charms to shame. If you’ve not used these dangly wine accessories at your own dinner parties, you should. How else are you and your guests to remember whose glass is who’s? This way everyone can choose the charm that speaks to them. Personally? I love the clothespin, a wink wink to the winery’s name. 


Summer Gate

SummerGate has a clever item you’ll never knew you needed, until you try it. This wine glass carrier holds six glasses perfectly so you can grab it with one hand, and a bottle of vino in the other hand, then float your way to the patio table like a champ. No clanking glass or tippy trays here. 

I thought I’d surprise you with a BC distillery gift shop addition to the above wineries, just to keep you on your toes. Alchemist Distiller on Summerland’s Bottleneck Drive has the coolest ball pourer. Stay with me here. This gadget pours the perfect one ounce of spirits into your glass for making cocktails. Pop this bartender’s helper into the mouth of your bottle, pour into the right glass for the cocktail you are serving, and listen for the oo’s and ahh’s of your guests.