Vancouver’s newest street vendors

What! No Tacos?! What's cooking and where to find it.

Credit: Flickr | quosquos

Looking for new street food carts in Vancouver?

Vancouver street food fans ask, ‘where’s the taco truck?’

Chinese dim sum, Korean, burritos, chicken salad, BBQ, Japanese, skewers, donair, satay, baked goods, healthy snacks, noodles, falafel, pizza, frozen fruits, organic Russian…

Despite Vancouver’s street food scene taking a great leap forward last weekend, the newly announced carts seem to have disappointed about as may denizens as they’ve delighted.


1. Arturo’s Mexico to Go

Howe & Cordova

2. Cartel Taco

Burrard & Georgia

3. Chinese Skewer King

Burrard & West Hastings

4. Dim Sum Express

Howe & West Cordova

5. Fresh Local Wild

Granville & Robson

6. Kimono Koi Crepes

Granville & Georgia

7. Licious Living

Granville & Georgia 

8. PanDa Fresh Bakery

Drake & Pacific

9. Poke’m

Robson & Hornby

10. Ragazzi Pizza Co.

Burrard Street & West Pender

11. Re-Up BBQ

West Georgia & Hornby

12. Roaming Dragon

West Georgia & Burrard

13. Satay King

Burrard & Davie


The most noticeable grumble out there so far seems to be the discernable lack of taco trucks. This is largely due to the City’s decision to choose the food vendors by lottery. Lady Luck is all very well in some arenas, and in one sense is totally fair, but choosing vendors by lottery shows absolutely no correlation to the supply-demand tenet of commerce, nor the current availability of choices.


Feedback on the street vendor trial

At this stage, the new street vending is still a pilot program, so it is important to show support, dispose of street food-related litter responsibly and provide feedback to the Vancouver City Council on how the program could be improved or expanded—don’t forget you can also just send them positive feedback. It’s a tough job trying to keep everyone happy! I think they’ve probably heard enough complaints about not all the vendors being ready to open on schedule, but then again you’d think the Council might have started earlier to give the vendors as much opportunity as possible to be up and running during this glorious spell of weather. Three cheers for bureaucracy!

Locations of Vancouver’s new street food vendors

The recently announced locations are mostly in downtown business core and public transit hubs with a few outliers at local beaches. More locations may be assigned by the council at a later date.

Map of Vancouver street food vendors

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