Natural gas homes
Credit: FortisBC

Natural gas homes

Natural gas homes

Quadra Homes developer sees many benefits to equipping homes with natural gas

When people come through the homes at Yorkson Creek in Langley they are often drawn to the spectacular West Coast-inspired architecture and elegant interiors.

Once they realize these residences are equipped with natural gas, they are even more impressed. “As a builder, I want to build homes that people enjoy,” says Paul DaDalt, owner of Quadra Homes. “Piping in natural gas is a lifestyle choice. Many homeowners tell me they like cooking on gas stoves and find gas fireplaces much more convenient than wood-burning ones.”

Natural gas and new technology

After more than seven years of creating energy-efficient townhome and condominium projects, Quadra Homes has built a loyal following of homebuyers who want natural gas. “Affordability is a huge consideration for home buyers,” says DaDalt. That’s why he installs energy-efficient appliances. These technologies waste less energy, so over time they can save his buyers money on their energy bills. In addition, natural gas prices are the lowest they have been in a decade, so it’s cost effective, especially compared to other energy sources, like heating oil.

Quadra Homes partnered with FortisBC to ensure all of the homes in Yorkson Creek qualified for the coveted environmental standard of EnerGuide 80.

In addition, the newer homes built in south Yorkson Creek have an impressive EnerGuide rating of 82. An 82 rating is one given to new homes that are extremely energy efficient. The EnerGuide rating system is a standard measure of a home’s energy performance. One hundred represents an airtight home, that is well-insulated and ventilated, and doesn’t require the homeowner to purchase any energy; whereas a home built without any energy efficient improvements has an EnerGuide rating of about 65 to 72.

Natural Gas = Cost Savings

DaDalt’s team worked closely with an Energy Solutions Manager from FortisBC to determine how his team could build cost-effective, energy-efficient homes for his customers.

“The new on-demand water heaters are up to 98 per cent efficient, and hot water is always there when you need it,” says DaDalt. “In Yorkson there are 1,200 condos and 300 townhomes. By creating energy-efficient homes, there are great opportunities for our homeowners to save money in the long-run,” he adds.

Each Yorkson Creek home features an on-demand water heater boasting an energy efficiency rating of 98 per cent, meaning operating costs are kept to a minimum and hot water flow is at a maximum. The residences also feature high-efficiency gas furnaces. With these models, 96 cents from every dollar goes toward supplying usable heat in the home. They also use about one-third less energy than furnaces that pre-date 1995.

Curious to know how much it costs to run your appliances? Check out Fortis BC’s easy-to-use energy calculator.

A Win/Win

For DaDalt, Quadra’s close working relationship with FortisBC was key to achieving their desired EnerGuide rating. “FortisBC offers a lot of programs and they are a great resource in terms of reviewing what we want to do and offering us suggestions on how to do it even better.”

Quadra Homes has made it their mandate to build homes with a low carbon impact. For DaDalt, building homes that are energy efficient using natural gas is a win-win combination.

To learn more about the benefits and cost savings of natural gas, visit FortisBC.

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