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As the birthday star, it's your duty to collect free meals and gifts

Two of the greatest things in life are birthdays and free stuff. Combine them and you've got a fantabulous 24 hours

Don’t spend your birthday sulking about how much older you are! Celebrate your precious 24 hours by collecting some well-deserved birthday goodies.

On your birthday, countless Vancouver establishments will generously pamper you with tasty and gorgeous prezzies. Go ahead, you deserve it!

Shopping Deals

Start your special day at the mall, where various stores offer substantial discounts for birthday shopaholics.

Where: The Body Shop
What: Discount of up to $10 toward your next purchase
When: Your birthday month
How: Sign up for The Body Shop’s Love Your Body™ card

Where: RW & Co.
What: 25% discount
When: Your birthday week
How: Become a member of “My RW & Connection”

Where: Sephora
What: Surprise 'what's new' gift (that’s how they promote their new products)
When: Your birthday month
How: Sign up for a Beauty Insider card

Where: Old Navy Canada
What: Surprise gift
How: Subscribe to Old Navy’s e-mail list

Where: American Eagle Outfitters
What: 15% discount
When: Your birthday month
How: Join AEREWARDS, the American Eagle Rewards Program 

Deals for Kids

Adults have had so many birthdays that the annual celebration can become just another day in another passing year. But for the young and unjaded, birthdays are a day to celebrate. Treat your little treasure to one of these free gifts.

Where: Toys “R” Us
What: Free gift card for your 10 or under child, birthday greeting over the phone from "everyone’s favourite giraffe" Geoffrey, and/or in-store celebration with customized announcement (along with balloon and crown)
When: Your birthday day
How: Sign up for “Geoffrey’s Birthday Club”

Where: Taco Del Mar
What: Free Kids Meal for ages 12 and under
How: Join Club Carlos (kids club) and receive postcard voucher

Where: Burger King
What: Free Kids Hamburger 
When: Your birthday month
How: Register for your kids at BK CrownTM/MC

Pamper Your Pets

Pets love pampering too, so don't forget to make them feel special with a delectable birthday treat!

Where: PetSmart
What: Surprise treat 
How: Sign up to be a PetPerks Member and register your pet(s)’ birthdays      

Adult Birthday Gifts

Enjoy some "me" time at these grown-up places!

Where: Aveda
What: A mysterious "exclusive" offer 
When: Your birthday month
How: Sign up to become a member of

Where: River Rock Casino
What: $5 coupon for slot machines and a birthday gift for exclusive members 
How: Register for the BC Gold Encore Card

Free Food

It’s extremely rare for restaurants to provide an entire meal or even a free entrée, even on your birthday. So when you do encounter a particularly generous restaurant, cherish it.

Where: Red Robin
What: Free gourmet burger and fries 
When: Your birthday week
How: Join the online eClub and receive an e-mail voucher once a year

Where: Vera’s Burger Shack
What: $10 voucher 
When: Your birthday day
How: Join the Vera’s Club online

Where: Pajo’s
What: Free small fish and chips and drink or burger, fries and drink 
When: Your birthday day
How: Register using the Free Birthday Meal Online form

Where: The Boathouse Restaurant
What: $25 gift card 
How: Join the Westcoast Club, receive the gift card and make a reservation for two or more

Where: Boston Pizza
What: Free appetizer
When: Your birthday week
How: Sign up for the birthday club online

Buy 1+, Get 1 Free

"Buy 1+, Get 1 Free" bargains ensure that your special day is not spent alone and friendless. Just grab a friend (or two) and take advantage of these once-a-year deals.

Where: Denny’s
What: Free Original Grand Slam combo (pick any four items, ranging from pancakes to bacon to hash browns)
When: Your birthday day
How: Buy another meal and 2 drinks

Where: Dairy Queen
What: Surprise coupon
How: Join the Blizzard Fan Club

Where: Milestone’s
What: Free entrée
How: Buy 3, get 1 free – your friends can treat you to a birthday dinner for free!

The Cherry on Top

After those (nearly) free meals, you must be pretty full. But you've surely left room for dessert! Top your birthday off with these complimentary treats.

Where: Mosaic Grille at Hyatt Regency Vancouver
What: An enormous chocolate cake!
How: Tell them it's your birthday at the start of your meal

Where: Coldstone Creamery
What: Buy 1, Get 1 Free Creation coupon
How: Sign up for the mail list online

Where: Baskin Robbins
What: Free 2.5 oz. scoop of ice cream
When: Your birthday day
How: Sign up for the birthday club

Where: Starbucks
What: Free drink 
When: Your birthday day
How: Register your Starbucks card, add your birth date, and receive a birthday postcard

Where: Marble Slab
What: Free ice cream
When: Your birthday week
How: Join the mailing list

Where: Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
What: Surprise birthday gift 
When: Your birthday day
How: Sign up for a Rocky Card (can also be artistically personalized)

Birthday Shout-outs

Food is great, but what could be better than public recognition on your birthday? From television shows to government certificates, this is your chance to take the centre stage!

Where: Breakfast Television
What: The chance to be on TV! Reporters will announce you or your loved one’s birthday, along with a photo of the birthday boy or girl
When: Your birthday day
How: Complete an online form – state name, age and who sent the message (e.g. family/friends)

Where: Federal Government
What: Congratulatory letter from the Prime Minister for your 65th and 70th birthday, and a certificate for your 75th birthday  
How: Complete an application to receive letter. You can also fill out a form for loved ones