The Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is the proposed venue of Earth Summit 2012.


Eco fashion show and fundraiser raise awareness about international sustainability conference Earth Summit 2012


On Thursday, November 24, 2010, the Canadian Earth Summit Coalition will present the Earth Summit 2012 Campaign Fundraiser, a party consisting of an eco fashion show with the work of eco-designers Nicole Bridger, Red Jade, Sans Soucie and Shereen De Rousseau, live painting by Garret Campbell Wilson set to a contemporary violin performance by Suzkra Mares, dancing and a call to action by leading sustainability thinkers Bill Rees, director of One Earth Initiative, and Vanessa Timmer, co-host of The Sustainable Region.


Earth Summit 2012 Campaign Fundraiser

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

7 p.m.

Fortune Sound Club

147 East Pender St, Chinatown, Vancouver

Facebook | 778-881-9121

The Canadian Earth Summit Coalition wants to inspire Canadians to get involved in the sustainability discussions leading up to the United Nations' Earth Summit 2012 that will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2012.


Earth Summit 2012 aims to secure renewed political commitment to sustainable development, assess the progress of previous environmental agreements and address emerging challenges in global sustainability. Essentially the conference will aim to establish equal priority between the economic and environmental sectors.


Canada's role in global sustainability

"Canada can play a central leadership role in planning the solutions to the world's current ecological crisis," says Jorge Amigo, communications coordinator for One Earth Initiative, a Canadian organization that strives to ensure action on government commitments toward sustainability.


"And a central component of Canada's leadership should be widespread public engagement with the themes of sustainability."


Amigo explains that through a web presence, stakeholder forums, special events and educational workshops across the country, the campaign can engage the Canadian public in discussions about sustainability.

"Canadian participation in the Rio conference should be a reflection of the will of the Canadian people and this campaign will give a voice to Canadians concerned about their country's role in global sustainability."


Amigo's main area of interest focuses on international cooperation in climate change negotiations.

Think the UN should discuss the unsustainable nature of the current global economic system in place in its proposed goal of equalizing economy and environment? Take part in this evolutionary discussion at the Earth Summit 2012 Campaign Fundraiser.


Earth Summit 2012xikaumrio, Skyscraper City

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, host city of Earth Summit 2012.




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