City Making in Paradise: Nine Decisions That Saved Greater Vancouver’s Livability
Mike Harcourt and Ken Cameron, with Sean Rossiter
Mike Harcourt, former B.C. premier, mayor of Vancouver and city alderman, leads this critical work exploring the issues and actions of Vancouver’s citizens that have led to the city’s reputation as urban poster child. City Making in Paradise challenges leaders, activists and citizens to reinvigorate the sustainability debate and make daily commitments and choices that contribute to a sustainable future. (Douglas & McIntyre, 2007. $24.95)

Greater Vancouver GreenGuide: Seeding Sustainability
UBC Design Centre for Sustainability
This guidebook produced by UBC’s Design Centre for Sustainability showcases Vancouver projects including green buildings; green neighbourhoods; green infrastructure; open spaces; and social, economic, and environmental programs that embody urban sustainability. Designed to fit in a back pocket, the guide includes ample photographs and a handy pull-out map that will help you plan your own walking tours. (New Society Publishers, 2007. $24.95)

The Earth’s Blanket: Traditional Teachings for Sustainable Living
Nancy Turner
Based on the of experience acclaimed ethnobotanist and professor Nancy Turner gained while working with First Nations in the Pacific Northwest, The Earth’s Blanket explores the wealth of ecological knowledge and connection with the land inherent in indigenous stories and ways of life. Posing insightful critiques of a Western perspective on environmental management, Turner proposes methods to recognize and enhance traditional ecological knowledge. (Douglas & McIntyre, 2007. $24.95)

Guerrilla Gardening:
A Manualfesto
David Tracey
Vancouver-based journalist and environmental designer David Tracey shares his tips for greening our urban environments – with or
without permission. He offers tips on where to find plants and seeds for cheap or free, and how to handle city officials. (New Society Publishers, 2007. $23.95)

Sustainability by Design
UBC Design Centre for Sustainability
The authors examine how Vancouver can sustainably accommodate a population that is expected to double within the next 50 years. The book looks at such factors as jobs, housing, transportation, infrastructure, parks and open space. (New Society Publishers, 2007. $23.95)