Credit: Robert Edmonds (sign, art) & Janis Nicolay (food)

Habit on Main St. is back! But with a few changes...

One of my favourite spots in Vancouver was the artfully cozy Habit Lounge on Main Street. This lovely little cubby of a restaurant served up tapas-style West Coast dishes with a creative spin and boasted a great wine and beer list, much of which was local or organic; all of it quality. Perfect for date-night, perfect for ladies' night, perfect for groups. Perfect.

Well, not so perfect. Because it was shut down suddenly and without warning last year, with no hope that it might return to us. A note on the door was all that we got: Smoke damage had been the culprit, and 'hey, check out that Cascade place next door.'

Apparently, the damage was the result of a cleaning crew leaving a rag on the stove; it caught fire and the rubber kitchen mats went up in smoke—contaminating walls and making the place unin-Habit-able. (Couldn't resist the pun...) Rumour had it, after the requisite period of "airing out," Cascade would eventually expand and take over the space.

Janis Nicolay, Habit Lounge Vancouver

Veggie shephards pie

Janis Nicolay, Habit Lounge Vancouver

Salt cod cakes

Janis Nicolay, Habit Lounge Vancouver

Lamb meatloaf


Habit Lounge

2610 Main Street, Vancouver


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Well, thankfully, the rumours were wrong, for as I was making my way home from the beach, riding my bike along 10th Ave, I spied with my little eye a person walking in through Habit's front door. So I decided to investigate. And as I stood, legs astride my cruiser, in front of the restaurant, a very kindly looking lady walked up and informed me that the happy little Habit would open the next day! Magnanimous!

Apparently the owner's mother, she let me peek inside to see the new set up and decor, and I was surprised to find it was even more snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug than before, with rich dark wood-panelled walls and lots of yummy brown!

The menu is a bit different (where's the maple-glazed tofu, friends?) and has fewer vegan/vegetarian items than before, but it still looks to be delicious—if more homebody-ish—featuring items such as the salt cod cakes, pork croquettes, sweet carrot and brie perogies (oh, my!), lamb meatloaf, veggie shepherds pie (pictured at top) and even a tuna casserole—though my guess is your mama never made meatloaf and casserole anywhere near this fancy.

Of course, I haven't tried the food yet so I'll have to reserve judgement, but let's just say I'm mighty excited at the prospect of welcoming this homey little haven back into my resto repertoire.

Robert Edmonds, Habit Lounge Vancouver  Robert Edmonds, Habit Lounge Vancouver

Food photos by

Janis Nicolay Photography




Sign photo & art by

Robert Edmonds