Credit: iStock / alephx01

Hey, YOU!

Have you taken a look at the city's budget? Ahh.... I hadn't either until today (made me realize that I should pay more attention to these things)! I just got an email from Think City alerting me that: "This year only 536 people and businesses completed the city's annual online budget survey, providing limited feedback on this year's budget to Mayor Robertson and city council from regular citizens. We must involve more citizens in this year's Citizen Budget survey before the March 27 deadline."

So I thought I'd let you all know about this cool survey you can take to "have your say." Although it's better if you've looked at the budget, you can also articulate your thoughts on where you think money should be going without having seen the budget.

PLEASE do the survey—it takes less than five minutes.

There is one key part in this survey that I find really important—"what level of participation should citizens have in city budgeting?" Citizen participation in budgeting has proven to be incredibly successful in other parts of the world, and I'd love to see more participation and meaningful community consultation happen here in Vancouver!

Deadline is Friday—EEEPPP! Go... fill out the survey!