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Health Conditions

Health Conditions
New Vertigo Treatment Stops the Dizziness

If you suffer from vertigo, a simple treatment can help 
stop the dizzying sensations

Health Conditions
New BC Organ Transplant Procedure Eliminates Need for Matching Blood Types

A new procedure offers promising news for patients lacking 
a compatible organ donor

Health Conditions
Five Signs of Chronic Pain You Shouldn't Ignore

A naturopathic physician’s prescription on for recognizing the signs of potential long-term pain

Health Conditions
Speechless? Overcome Social Anxiety with this Communication Strategy for the Chronically Tongue-tied

Imagining the audience naked doesn't work if your boss is waiting for you to explain the discrepancies in your report.

Health Conditions
Work out Your Stress with Exercise

Feeling stressed out? Work out your stress with exercise

Health Conditions
Are Cellphones Safe for Your Brain?

The jury is still out when it comes to the question of whether cellphone use leads to brain cancer

Health Conditions
Two New Resources for Dealing with Cancer

As the cancer journey progresses, the need for information often shifts toward a need for emotional support

Health Conditions
How to Prevent 
Repetitive Strain Injuries

Our bodies can only handle so much repetition before injury results. Here's how to prevent RSIs

Health Conditions
Strategies for Managing Anger

Uncontrolled anger can damage relationships and be harmful to your body

Health Conditions
How to Avoid Acid Erosion of the Teeth

Foods like pineapple and orange juice can harm your teeth if consumed in excess

Health Conditions
Keep a Close Eye on Changes in Your Eyesight

Floaters, spots or flashes of light could be evidence of a serious eye problem

Health Conditions
Early to Rise Equals Less Stress

Becoming an early-bird can be good for your health

Health Conditions
How to Treat Cellphone Elbow

Avoid elbow damage and pain when talking on your cell

Health Conditions
Stop Grinding Your Teeth at Night

Chronic teeth grinding can damage your teeth and cause tooth loss

Health Conditions
Do You Need a 
Stress Test?

A stress test is ordered by a doctor to investigate certain types 
of heart conditions

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