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Health & Fitness

The Health Benefits of Pets

There are numerous physical health benefits to owning a pet, according to clinical counsellor Dr. Patricia Nitkin. These include lowered...

Shopping & Style
Gifts That Give Back for New Parents and Babies

Having a baby is exhausting work. But this list includes gift ideas that simplify daily life and benefit local charities...

Health & Fitness
BodyBoss HIIT Program Review

Lazy-girl workout hacks HIIT (high-intensity interval training) moves that burn fat Reasons why she loves the program ... plus more!

Family and Child
7 Simple Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Unplug and play! Rainy days don't mean an end to fun—enjoy one of these simple at-home activities with the family this fall

Health & Fitness
The Real Benefits of Drinking Hot Lemon Water

Vancouver-based holistic sports nutritionist Sarah J. Cuff puts some truth behind this health trend... Drinking lemon water—hot or cold—first and foremost...

3 Tips for When It's Time to Indulge

It’s very easy to overload plates with the abundance available at this time of year. Instead, try using a smaller...

Health & Fitness
3 Tips to Beat the Clock for a Better Sleep

When we "fall back," many of us think we gain an extra hour of sleep; but remember, Monday is only...

Health & Fitness
5 Foods to Combat Cold and Flu Season

As we near the winter months (yes, we’re that close), we need to be prepared for the change in temperature...

Shopping & Style
Top 5 Skin-care Ingredients for Healthier Skin

Medical-grade skin-care products are tried and tested with clinical studies that examine (and often extol) the virtues of a long...

Health & Fitness
Eat Vegetables With This for Better Heart Health

Eating your veggies may be just as effective as Aspirin to thin the blood for heart-health benefits, several studies suggest.

The 5 Best Fall Hikes in Canada

Eric Magnan, travel media and travel trade relations officer at Parks Canada, offers up five of the best national parks...

Health & Fitness
10 Best B.C. Spas of 2017

It’s no secret that British Columbia has some of the best spas around. From the heart of Vancouver to the...

Health & Fitness
Wellness Retreat Teaches How to Focus on the Positive in Your Life

Sometimes all you need is a reminder. A reminder that you’re strong. A reminder that your life is filled with...

Health & Fitness
The Common Cold: When to Stay Away

According to the Health Information section of, a few sniffles and a dry, infrequent cough mean that you are...

Health & Fitness
The Truth Behind the Turkey Coma

Andrea Hardy, RD of Ignite Nutrition Inc. in Calgary, says that lethargic state after a big holiday meal isn’t necessarily...

Health & Fitness
How to Recover From Piriformis Syndrome

Common in endurance athletes like runners and cyclists, piriformis syndrome occurs when the piriformis muscle, located deep in the buttocks...

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