Health & Fitness

5 Creative Ways to Stay Cool Into the Fall

Record-breaking heatwaves are becoming the norm, so how much longer can you resist investing in some cooling remedies?

Health & Fitness
Heal Your Gut, Naturally

There are lots of traditional summer foods that can cause inflammation and bloating in your gut: alcohol, coffee, sugary drinks,

Health & Fitness
Natural Mood Boosters to Get You Out of a Funk

Since COVID, mental health is finally getting more attention

Shopping & Style
Our Top 10 Picks: The Ultimate Sunscreen Guide

When it comes to protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, choosing the right sunscreen is...

Summer Break Just Got a Whole Lot Better

With a number of theme days and extended hours, Playland at the PNE just got a whole lot more fun

Health Conditions
Visit the Joint Replacement Center of Scottsdale

The Joint Replacement Center of Scottsdale is revolutionizing the healthcare experience for Canadian patients with personalized care and cutting-edge technology.

Health & Fitness
Healthy Remedies That May Help in Allergy Season

Can a healthy gut help regulate your allergic responses?

Health & Fitness
Can Sedentary Behaviour Harm Your Brain?

Sitting can not only have a negative effect on the body, but also our memory

Health & Fitness
6 Things to Do Over the Weekend to Prepare for a Successful Week

Your weekends should obviously include fun, but you also need to plan for what’s coming in the week ahead

Health & Fitness
How to Cure the Monday Blues

Clinical psychologist Dr. Monica Vermani reveals the chief culprits of—and solutions to—the dread that sets in as the work week...

7 Top Tips for Getting Ready for the Holidays

In the interest of trying to pace myself while still making the holidays really special for my family, here are...

Family and Child
Everything You Need to Know About DNA Kits

Learn what your DNA can reveal about your ancestry, health and quirks

Health & Fitness
Bloom Virtual Meditation With Energy Healer Claudia Chirico

Want a sneak peek at what Claudia will be sharing at the Bloom Inspiration Summit? Join her for a live...

Shopping & Style
Daily Sunscreens for Every Lifestyle

Don’t let confusion be the reason why you skip sunscreen. With so many options out there, it’s easy to get...

Health & Fitness
How to Keep Your Cool in Hot Weather

These top five items will stop you from sweating the small stuff this summer

Health & Fitness
Planning a Will? Here are the Top 5 Questions to Ask an Estate Lawyer

Will and estate lawyers fulfill a much needed and often overlooked service.

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