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Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness
Toonies Buy Better Grades, Healthier Tummies

Numerous studies around the globe and here in Canada continue to add to the mounting body of evidence that student...

Health & Fitness
How to Develop Emotional Intelligence

According to registered clinical counsellor Johanna Wickie from Jericho Counselling Clinic in Vancouver, North Americans pride themselves on living in...

7 Ways to Keep Your Family Safer Online

Virus scans and spam filters have long aided Canadian families during time spent online—but now, TELUS WISE is tackling cyberbullying...

Health & Fitness
The 10 Best Barre Classes in Vancouver

Combining the grace and precision of ballet with the resistance work of weight training, barre's low-impact technique combines the best...

Acing the Age of Puppyhood

Nothing prepares you for the upheaval of getting a puppy. Life—as you know it—completely changes. For the next few months...

The Health Benefits of Pets

There are numerous physical health benefits to owning a pet, according to clinical counsellor Dr. Patricia Nitkin. These include lowered...

Health & Fitness
How to Fix Your Fear of Talking to Your Boss

Are you fearful when it comes to discussing issues with your employer? Here’s how to make sure you aren’t holding yourself back

Shopping & Style
Gifts That Give Back for New Parents and Babies

Having a baby is exhausting work. But this list includes gift ideas that simplify daily life and benefit local charities...

Health & Fitness
BodyBoss HIIT Program Review

Lazy-girl workout hacks HIIT (high-intensity interval training) moves that burn fat Reasons why she loves the program ... plus more!

Family and Child
7 Simple Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Unplug and play! Rainy days don't mean an end to fun—enjoy one of these simple at-home activities with the family this fall

Health & Fitness
The Real Benefits of Drinking Hot Lemon Water

Vancouver-based holistic sports nutritionist Sarah J. Cuff puts some truth behind this health trend... Drinking lemon water—hot or cold—first and foremost...

3 Tips for When It's Time to Indulge

It’s very easy to overload plates with the abundance available at this time of year. Instead, try using a smaller...

Health & Fitness
3 Tips to Beat the Clock for a Better Sleep

When we "fall back," many of us think we gain an extra hour of sleep; but remember, Monday is only...

Health & Fitness
5 Foods to Combat Cold and Flu Season

As we near the winter months (yes, we’re that close), we need to be prepared for the change in temperature...

Shopping & Style
Top 5 Skin-care Ingredients for Healthier Skin

Medical-grade skin-care products are tried and tested with clinical studies that examine (and often extol) the virtues of a long...

Health & Fitness
Eat Vegetables With This for Better Heart Health

Eating your veggies may be just as effective as Aspirin to thin the blood for heart-health benefits, several studies suggest.

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