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Health & Fitness

The 5 Best Fall Hikes in Canada

Eric Magnan, travel media and travel trade relations officer at Parks Canada, offers up five of the best national parks...

Health & Fitness
10 Best B.C. Spas of 2017

It’s no secret that British Columbia has some of the best spas around. From the heart of Vancouver to the...

Health & Fitness
Wellness Retreat Teaches How to Focus on the Positive in Your Life

Sometimes all you need is a reminder. A reminder that you’re strong. A reminder that your life is filled with...

Health & Fitness
The Common Cold: When to Stay Away

According to the Health Information section of, a few sniffles and a dry, infrequent cough mean that you are...

Health & Fitness
The Truth Behind the Turkey Coma

Andrea Hardy, RD of Ignite Nutrition Inc. in Calgary, says that lethargic state after a big holiday meal isn’t necessarily...

Health & Fitness
How to Recover From Piriformis Syndrome

Common in endurance athletes like runners and cyclists, piriformis syndrome occurs when the piriformis muscle, located deep in the buttocks...

Health & Fitness
10 Fast Facts About Your Body

Do you know how many times your heart beats per day? How much you blink in a minute? How long it takes to digest food? Find out

Shopping & Style
Your First Look at Lush's New Robson Street Store

Once just a single storefront in Vancouver’s West End, Lush Cosmetics has boomed in its last two decades of North...

Shopping & Style
Vancouver's Seymour + Smith Makes Reading Glasses Stylish

As the age of 40 looms, something strange happens at dinner parties: reservations are made, menus are distributed… and then...

Health & Fitness
How to Tell if Your Dog Is Happy

Oprah Winfrey was chastised by Instagram users on Mother's Day when she referred to dogs as “fur children” but, for...

Health & Fitness
How to Brew Rosemary Tea with Fresh or Dried Rosemary

Rosemary has long been associated with memory. Some studies have suggested that consumption of rosemary may have a positive effect...

3 Gourmet Camping Recipes

Veggie pasta salad, Bolognese, chickpea burger—just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to eat junk food

Health & Fitness
Test Your Balance With Liquid Yoga

Your legs may become more liquid than the pool when you attempt yoga on a floating mat at the Westin Bayshore’s new morning class

Food & Drink
Watermelon Mint Refresher Recipe

The combination of watermelon, citrus and herbs in this blended drink will keep you cool even in the hottest temperatures

Health & Fitness
5 Awesome Kayaking Trips in Harrison, B.C.

With wild birds, scenic wilderness and breathtaking waterfalls, these five great kayaking trips offer much more than a killer workout

Health & Fitness
Discover Canada's National Parks This Summer

In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, Parks Canada is offering free admission to all national parks, historic sites and marine...

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