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Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness
When Should You Be Eating Carbs?

Over the years, low-carb diet trends have made carbohydrates unpopular. But active people need unrefined carbs, says Toronto-based registered dietitian...

25 Incredible Hiking Trails in British Columbia

If you think that 'Beautiful British Columbia' has become a trite moniker, it's time to get off the sofa. This province...

9 Ways to Embrace Your Creativity

The author who taught us all to eat, pray, love and be happy is now the poster girl for creativity

Local Food
5 Ways to Get Your Turmeric Fix in Vancouver

Known for its bright earthy flavour and vibrant orange-yellow colouring, turmeric has been celebrated for thousands of years for its...

Health & Fitness
7 Easy Ways to Experience the Great Outdoors in B.C.

We are positively flush with natural beauty here in Vancouver. Ringed by soaring mountains and sparkling oceans, outdoor adventure should...

Why You Need to Stop Using Plastic Straws

When it comes to being environmentally friendly, it’s the small changes to our everyday lives that can help make a...

Connect by Disconnecting This Earth Day

It’s no secret that scrolling through endless Facebook and Instagram posts has become part of our daily routine. And with...

The Effects of Childhood Bullying on Adults

According to a 2015 Angus Reid poll, 75 per cent of Canadians are bullied at school. Unfortunately, these experiences don’t...

Health Conditions
Why Prolonged Sitting Is Hurting You and Tips to Get You Moving

Pulled muscles and sore joints are common complaints after strenuous physical activity, but research suggests the pains we feel at the end of the day are the result of what we don’t do

How a Clean Home Can Help Your Mental State

Have you ever noticed during times of mental upheaval that your home is reflective of your mind’s state? While a cluttered...

Health Conditions
Don't Let Allergies Keep You Inside

It's the season for outdoor hiking, running and biking; unless you’re one of the 20 to 25 per cent of...

5 Tips for a Healthy Vacation

A vacation doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your health and fitness goals. Here are five ways to get active on your next trip

Is Working Out on the Job Enough?

Don’t count on your job or your daily chores to improve your fitness level. Being active at work, doing housework...

Are Prepared Meal Services a Healthy Long-term Solution?

Prepared meal services are gaining popularity, especially for on-the-go professionals who value healthy eating but have limited time to prepare...

Weight Loss
3 Habits That Could Be Slowing Your Metabolism

Lack of exercise, late night snacking, insufficient water... these are some of the more commonly recognized metabolism killers. But do you...

How to Encourage Your Creativity

Creativity is a product of personality characteristics like independence, openness to experience and willingness to take risks. They can all...

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