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Vegan beware

Many vegan “meats” and substitutes can be: highly processed, involving tremendous amounts of energy and fresh water to produce; non-local...

The vegan chef

For longtime vegans, cooking is often one of the more rewarding aspects of the lifestyle. It's a chance to be...

Local culture: B.C.'s artisan cheeses

Twenty years ago, you could sum up the selection of B.C. cheese in your local grocery store with three words:...

Family and Child
Green-mom angst: Plastics

Every morning when she wakes up, my three-year-old daughter asks for her “milky bottle.” Never mind that she’s three and...

Fall's freshest foods

That chill in the air might mean that the summer-sweet strawberries and peas have passed their prime, but don’t despair;...

Seaflora: The ocean's harvest

If you’re wandering the beaches on the edge of the Juan de Fuca Strait at low tide, you might see...

Jill Lambert: Ocean-friendly eating

The next time you’re trolling the seafood counter looking for a responsible choice, bring along A Good Catch: Sustainable Seafood Recipes...

Nature school: GreenLearning

When Johan Stroman was teaching high school in Vancouver, every fall he would help organize a day of learning in...

Bilt in Vancouver

Since Nalgene's fortunes began to falter, in April, when the Canadian government declared that Bisphenol A (BPA)—a component in the...

Ecohealth at UBC

Everything is connected—Buddhism reduced to a sentence, according to an old professor I know—is an idea so obvious that we...

Green realm for the ripped

The Steve Nash Sports Club on Granville St. is the basketball superstar’s latest initiative in promoting an active lifestyle that...

What's your favourite green cleaner?

I'm not an early adopter. I'm indifferent to new consumer electronics (still no iPod, thank you), I seldom go to...

The organic fanatic

As a mother of two growing children, I want to ensure that they eat a diet full of nutritious fruits...

Precious cargo

Niels Christian Weigelt is a construction engineer by day, but in his off hours, he and partner Anna Soerensen are...

Health & Fitness
"Green" hair removal

I know, it's starting to seem overcorrect to put the quotation marks around "green," but they're still needed to distinguish...

Is Nalgene a publicly-traded company?

The Canadian government may declare as toxic a chemical widely used in plastics for baby bottles and beverage containers.

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