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Bilt in Vancouver

Since Nalgene's fortunes began to falter, in April, when the Canadian government declared that Bisphenol A (BPA)—a component in the...

Ecohealth at UBC

Everything is connected—Buddhism reduced to a sentence, according to an old professor I know—is an idea so obvious that we...

Green realm for the ripped

The Steve Nash Sports Club on Granville St. is the basketball superstar’s latest initiative in promoting an active lifestyle that...

What's your favourite green cleaner?

I'm not an early adopter. I'm indifferent to new consumer electronics (still no iPod, thank you), I seldom go to...

The organic fanatic

As a mother of two growing children, I want to ensure that they eat a diet full of nutritious fruits...

Precious cargo

Niels Christian Weigelt is a construction engineer by day, but in his off hours, he and partner Anna Soerensen are...

Health & Fitness
"Green" hair removal

I know, it's starting to seem overcorrect to put the quotation marks around "green," but they're still needed to distinguish...

Is Nalgene a publicly-traded company?

The Canadian government may declare as toxic a chemical widely used in plastics for baby bottles and beverage containers.

Danger on tap

"Don't Drink the Water" was, if memory serves, a Dave Matthews song, and not one of the better ones. It's...

Health & Fitness
The new pornography?

That seems to be what smoking has become. Here's a thumbnail sketch of the new tobacco laws taking effect in British Columbia on March 31st. A couple of them are surprisingly stiff. —There will now be an enforceable three-metre smoke-free zone around...

Sustainable city

For those frustrated with federal inaction on climate change, it’s welcome news: “Local governments influence about half of Canada’s greenhouse...

Family and Child
Fundraising gone berserk

I live in a pretty environmentally aware community. Some might even call Kitsilano very environmentally aware. You need only look...

Seeking certification

“Local” and “organic” aren’t necessarily the best choices for us, the environment.

Uncaged eggs

As part of the national Chicken Out! initiative, Vancouver city council resolved to support the sunnier side of the egg-laying...

Season's eatings

With a global bounty of well-travelled food available year-round in many markets, it can be difficult to determine what’s actually...

Be seafood smart

With our city’s amazing array of izakaya and sushi spots, some Vancouverites are chowing down without realizing they’re not eating the most sustainable selections. Sea Choice has a handy wallet card that helps you know what to avoid, Including fish and...

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