Cut Through the Dining Doldrums
FREE | 20 Recipes for Simple Dining Book

Eating simple, healthy meals doesn't have to be boring. No more plain baked chicken and plain salad.

Health & Fitness

Catering to the community

Commercial Drive cookbook offers great recipes, perspectives on food security—and charity.

Finding cruelty-free foods

Have you ever wondered what’s behind that cute logo with the little red farm that’s on your eggs and cheese?

The Recycling of the Future

Using piezoelectric technology in floors can help conserve energy by converting human energy into electrical energy.

Green afterlife: Natural and ecofriendly burials

Burials allowing us to biodegrade naturally feed (rather than poison) the ecosystem.

The food we eat

"Sometimes, the idea of living on a little plot of land somewhere, growing all my own food and doing all...

What's your biggest sustainability sin?

Local leaders on sustainable living reveal their deepest, darkest sustainability sins.

Family and Child
The sustainable family

In the organic vs. non-organic debate, perhaps we're being too short-sighted.

GREEN: New Year’s Vegalution

No cheese. None. Zip. Zilch. No, that is not my New Year’s resolution. My resolution is to eat strictly vegan… for...

Let it Snow…

Maia got up this morning, ran to the window then woke us up—letting us know it had snowed during the...

Walking in the rain

By the time Maia started kindergarten, she'd already walked much of the city—so the journey to and from school was...

Good food starts with good ingredients

Cooking! Feasting! Gathering with family and good friends! The holidays offer casual chefs and foodies alike a delicious excuse to...

The Exotic Orange: Eating Local Helps Us Appreciate the Rare Exceptions

Eating local helps us appreciate the rare exceptions

The Dirty Dozen: The Most Contaminated Fruits and Vegetables

What are the 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables?

Vegan beware

Just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it is sustainable.

The vegan chef

Get creative with vegan cooking

Local culture: B.C.'s artisan cheeses

Old-world style cheesemaking has grown steadily in the past decade.

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