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Health & Fitness

Is Nalgene a publicly-traded company?

The Canadian government may declare as toxic a chemical widely used in plastics for baby bottles and beverage containers.

Danger on tap

Once again, British Columbia ranks near the, um, top of the nation.

Health & Fitness
The new pornography?

That seems to be what smoking has become. Here's a thumbnail sketch of the new tobacco laws taking effect in British...

Sustainable city

Local governments influence about half of Canada’s GHG emissions

Family and Child
Fundraising gone berserk

Am I the only one tired of trying to flog Entertainment books?

Seeking certification

“Local” and “organic” aren’t necessarily the best choices for us, the environment.

Uncaged eggs

City council resolved to require all city-run food-serving facilities use cage-free eggs.

Season's eatings

Find out what fresh foods are ripe and at their seasonal best.

Be seafood smart

With our city’s amazing array of izakaya and sushi spots, some Vancouverites are chowing down without realizing they’re not eating...

Family and Child
Keeping up with the Greens

The whole “green” label has become tricky in recent years. When I was a kid, it was simple. People who...

Sports and Gear
Sleeping giant

Cargo traffic will double by 2020. Left unchecked, so will ship and truck emissions. Are Vancouver ports ready?

Family and Child
Peer-pressure tactics

Canada’s carbon-heavy lifestyle is what smoking was two decades ago: a habit we know is bad for us but aren’t...

Going green, one day at a time

“Make Vancouver clean and green.” That slogan from back when Vancouver was raising bonds to build Vancouver City Hall in...

GREEN SOCCER MOM: The age of excess

Jane Goodall said that “stuff” will be the end of civilization. Try telling that to a nine-year old on Christmas...

Good fish, bad fish

Do sustainable seafood programs really make a difference?

Catch or release

With five species of salmon to choose from, it’s no surprise that the average seafood shopper doesn’t know coho from...

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