How to Eat Out and Still Lose Weight

Use these eight tips to lose weight while still partaking in Vancouver's culinary landscape

Credit: Flickr/Costa Rica Beauty

Eat out and lose weight

Eating out can be enjoyable and guilt-free

Vancouver boasts some terrific restaurants but eating out can make you pack on the pounds quickly

In this guest post, fitness expert Christian Finn of Muscle Evo shares eight simple tips to enjoy yourself while eating out and not worry about the scale.

Skip the Bread Basket

One slice quickly leads to another, and before you know it you’ve eaten the lot. If you can’t deal with the temptation, ask the waiter to take it away.

If There’s a Buffet, Turn up Late

An untouched buffet table looks so tempting. But once everyone else has taken what they want, the food looks far less tasty.

Have Soup as Your First Course

Studies show that soup (broth-based rather than cream-based) curbs your appetite, reducing your calorie intake during subsequent courses.

Double Up on Vegetables

Ask your waiter to leave out “starchy” carbohydrates, such as pasta, rice, and potatoes, and instead ask for twice as many vegetables. Vegetables have a low energy density, which means they fill you up on fewer calories.

Focus on Protein

Choose a meal that contains a protein-rich food, such as chicken, turkey, fish or meat, as protein does a better job at filling you up than carbohydrate or fat.

Have Your Sauce on the Side

If your meal comes with a sauce or dressing, ask for it on the side and simply dab your fork in the sauce and then pick up your food. This lets you enjoy the sauce but limits the amount. You’ll get some of the flavour with only a fraction of the calories.

Cut Your Meal in Half

If you’re into creamy pasta dishes, order it with a side of steamed vegetables, mix the vegetables into the main dish, and then eat only half the combined meal. Not only will you cut the calories almost in half, you’ll boost your intake of antioxidants and fiber.

Watch the Booze

Alcohol contains calories and can stimulate your appetite as well as reduce any inhibitions you might have about overeating. You don’t need to cut out alcohol completely, but if you’re trying to lose weight, cut your intake in half. The simple way to do this is alternate whatever you’re drinking with water or some other low-calorie drink.