The Secret to Getting Fit Fast

Many fitness gadgets and supplements promise quick results, but can you really get into shape fast?

Credit: Flickr/M.V.Jantzen

Everyone wants to get fit fast but can it be done?

Getting into shape fast is a goal for many people

Speaking at the Vancouver Wellness Show this past weekend I saw quite a few exhibitors promoting quick solutions to whip you into shape. With the exercise devices and supplements on offer, it appeared that a dream body was only minutes a day away.

So it is possible to get into shape that quickly?

The Secret to Quick Fitness Results

To answer that question you first need to define what you mean by “quickly.” 

You can make dramatic changes to your appearance and your health in 90 days. In six months you could see astonishing results.

Is this quick?

I guess it depends on your point of view. Looking at it from the perspective of the average person’s lifespan, 90 days is quick. But in today’s “need it yesterday” culture, three months seems like an eternity.

My seminar at this year’s show was the same as last year, Working Out at Home: How to Get Maximum Results in Minimal Time. In it I revealed the secret to quick results which is: exercise your body on a consistent basis and eat well consistently.

Consistency. That’s it. I know it’s not sexy and it doesn’t have a cool package but it’s the truth.

Read my previous blogs on interval training, strength training and eating well. Apply the information consistently and you’ll see “quick” results.

Find the Proof for Yourself

I’ve seen exercise devices that promote amazing results in just “10 minutes a day.” Nope, not gonna happen. You may see some slight improvement but not the kind of results many of these devices imply.

Don’t believe me? Find out for yourself. Do a search on PubMed for scientific articles on specific kinds of fitness equipment or specific forms of exercise.

And here’s the truth about supplements that are marketed as being able to cure virtually any condition or disease including a sedentary lifestyle. Supplements, if they work at all, will only accentuate any benefits of a healthy lifestyle. They won’t make up for unhealthy habits.

If you want to check the validity of supplement claims here are two great resources: Information is Beautiful and

Wellness Show Wrap-Up

I don’t want to imply that there weren’t any valid and worthwhile exhibits at the Wellness Show. Most of them were great. Companies were promoting different types of exercise from kickboxing to yoga to speedminton (really fast badminton). Various gyms were showcasing their facilities and services.

Supplement companies and food manufacturers were offering samples made with healthy and delicious ingredients including hemp, flax, chia and cacao.

I even ended up buying a few goodies myself. I picked up some pork from local Gelderman Farms as well as some organic shredded coconut and organic cacao nibs from Organic Traditions. I’ve begun adding the coconut and cacao nibs to my morning smoothies. Yummy!!!