6 Things to Do Over the Weekend to Prepare for a Successful Week

Your weekends should obviously include fun, but you also need to plan for what's coming in the week ahead

Set your week up for success with these six practical tips

Having things to look forward to on the weekend always helps me power through the week—but, like everything else, it’s all about balance. Your weekends should obviously include fun, but you also need to plan for what’s coming in the week ahead.

Here, I’m sharing six tips to boost productivity and how I set myself up for a successful week…

1. Reflect on last week, then let it go

I like to tie up any loose ends from the previous week so I can start fresh. Reflecting on what happened and asking myself questions helps me improve: “What went well? What didn’t go so well? Did I stay aligned with my priorities and vision? What can I do better next week?” And it doesn’t need to stop with you. I also like to ask my family: “What was good about today?” I like to keep it casual and let them talk about anything that comes to mind.

2. Turn off and tune in

I try to have at least one screen-free day on the weekend. It’s so important for mental health, and for being present, especially if you have little ones like I do. In a world where constant scrolling and overstimulation is the norm, it’s important to give your brain a break. Some of my favourite ways to spend a screen-free day are to get outside, read a book, meditate, do a yoga class, write in a journal and take a bubble bath. It’s incredible how nourishing myself this way takes any worries or heaviness away.

3. Do something creative

You know what they say: growth happens outside of your comfort zone. I love getting my creative juices flowing by trying new things like painting, DIY projects or redecorating my space. Trust me, there’s always something new to try or an area in your home that can be organized. No creative endeavour is too big or too small. And they all have a common benefit: increased well-being and brain function.

4. Connect with loved ones

As a kid, I didn’t get to have many Sunday dinners. Now, having my own family, I really cherish and enjoy making a big Sunday dinner. Sharing a meal together at the dinner table and feeling a genuine connection before the rush of the week ahead is so special. Bonus: the leftovers help us get through the beginning of the week.

5. Plan for the week ahead

I like to plan my week on Sunday and time block everything I need to do. Otherwise, I know it won’t get done. I also like tackling tasks on my list before the week gets busylike washing my hair, cleaning the house and stocking the fridge. And don’t forget about meal prepping! Washing and cutting fruit and veggies beforehand makes reaching for a healthy snack so much easier.

6. Set your intentions

Just like you want to reflect and reset after your work week, it’s important to look ahead. I like to ask myself these questions and journal my responses: “How do I want to feel? What do I want to accomplish? How can I set myself up for success?” Having a clear picture of my goals helps me to prioritize my tasks to effectively accomplish what I want to get done.

I understand that not everyone wants to spend their weekends creating schedules and setting goals. But you can start small and try incorporating at least one of the productivity tips I suggestedevery little bit helps! There’s a lot of research that supports how productivity improves when people and organizations take the time to plan how they’ll meet their goals.

While it might feel better to zone out watching Netflix (and, truthfully, there’s a time and place for that), putting in the effort to get organized is going to pay off. And who knows? You could end up banishing the Sunday Scaries once and for all.