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Pink Daffodils

Completely pink daffodils, similar to the well-known completely yellow and white daffodils, are not available yet. Present-day pink daffodils mostly show pinkish cups, coronas, or just a pink corona rim. The large blooms of elegant ‘Pink Charm’ clearly belong to this...

Using reclaimed materials in the garden

Say “salvage” and most people think of sunken galleons and Spanish doubloons, but to a gardener real treasure-trove often lies...

No stone unturned

When Ties and Anneke Rubingh built their dream retirement home on Triangle Mountain in suburban Colwood, west of Victoria, they...

Ornamental Grasses for Coastal or Interior Gardens

Ornamental grasses are categorized as either cool-season or warm-season, with either running or clumping growth habits. Cool-season: Grows best at temperatures from 15 to 24°C. New growth begins as soon as temperatures rise above freezing in spring. Growth slows and...

The Great Pumpkin

Few things evoke the sense of a season as strongly as that first sight of a ripe orange pumpkin in October. Be it thoughts of Halloween or Thanksgiving pie, the spirit of fall is embodied in this familiar member of...

Summer Planting for Eating Winter Vegetables

Since moving to Bowen Island almost a decade ago and digging into the year-round ritual of maintaining a large organic...

Gardening with Grasses

Versatile, adaptable and low-maintenance, ornamental grasses are the new face of natural landscaping.

Summer Care for Dahlias

There are few people, even non-gardeners, who aren’t familiar with the glorious flowers of dahlias. Easily the most popular summer-blooming...

Water Wise Up

The answer lies in waterwise gardening, a method of planning and maintaining gardens that reduces water use and results in less maintenance work in the long term. It requires a shift in the way we look at caring for our...

Grow a Scented Garden

My suggestions for a bit of the South of France in your garden: Climbers for growing in the Lower Mainland: ‘Mme. Alfred Carrière’ (white); ‘Altissimo’ (medium red); ‘Compassion’ (orange-pink, sweet fragrance); ‘Royal Sunset’ (apricot, fragrant); ‘Westerland’ (apricot-blend, fragrant) Grape varieties...

Scent-Laden Landscapes

Lately I have been reading Marcel Proust (my book club made me do it!), and though I find his three-page sentences more than I can bear, his childhood recollections are palpable, full of colour, texture and aroma. His words remind...

Easy but showy container plants

Angel’s trumpet (Brugmansia): This exotic tropical show-off is long-lived, but it absolutely must be wintered in an above-freezing, sheltered place.

Contained Beauty

It’s an old practice, but B.C. gardeners continue to embrace it with real passion. In fact, the fine art of container gardening is on the increase. Even for those with hectares of land on which to lavish their green thumbs,

Garden insects: Aphid control

Aphids are about three millimetres long and green to brown in colour. You’ll find these flying pests on everything from...

Blue Flowers with Bad Habits

From my earliest days in the garden, I have loved blue flowers. As a fledgling gardener, this inclination sometimes got me into trouble, especially before I learned to read catalogue descriptions with a rational mind. Nowhere were my growing pains...

Planting Ferns

Few plants bring the lush feel of the woodlands to the garden like our native ferns. And their adaptability and artful form make them truly worthy garden subjects.

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