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Cardoon: The Friendly Giant

Most of us are familiar with the globe artichoke or Cynara scolymus, with its bud containing the “artichoke heart.” Cynara...

Zucchini Flower Feast

Tired of eating zucchini? Try dining on the flowers.

Mock Orange: B.C.'s Native Hydrangea

The native shrub mock orange has long captivated gardeners with its heady fragrance and showy blooms.

Last Chance! 8 Veggies to Sow Now

These winter harvest vegetables will keep you rich in nutrients all year.

Marvellous mallow

A diverse family of old-fashioned favourites includes several summer-bloomers ideal for B.C. gardens.

Dodecatheon: beautiful wildflower, threatened species

Dodecatheon is not only a beautiful wildflower but also a threatened species.

Splendour in the Grass

Nature buzzes along, fed by the warmth and rain, and it's time to mow the lawn again. Before you haul...


The botanical name for spinach is Spinacia oleracea. Spinacia comes from the Latin word for spine and refers to the...

Connecticut King

Lilium 'Connecticut King' has been the top commercial yellow lily since its introduction in 1967. A famous cut flower, garden...

The zero-budget garden

9 easy steps to save money by propagating your own plants.

Penstemons in the late summer garden

The late summer charm of penstemons

Euphorbia Alert

Euphorbias are hardy, easy, popular, and… poisonous! A word to the wise gardener: Avoid pruning Euphorbia. If you must...

Pretty as a…Petunia

The spreading-petunia market just got hotter! The Explorer series is a new introduction from Sakata Seed and will continue to...

Wild peas

All of the peas we eat today are the result of 10,000 years of human selection, connecting us firmly with...

Lawn Care: Green Strategies for Managing the European Chafer Beetle

European chafer (Rhizotrogus majalis) may be lurking in your lawn.

The balanced pond

Five floating plants to control algae and maintain your water garden’s healthy ecosystem.

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