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The balanced pond

Five floating plants to control algae and maintain your water garden’s healthy ecosystem.

Seed collecting

Seed collecting is a great means of increasing the number of desired plants from year to year, as well as...

Water Lily Blooms

The water lily can be an elusive bloomer, so here are a few ideas to maximize your chances of a...

Plant drought hardy containers

Plant an easy-care perennial container that will withstand heat and drought with style.


Camas are an easy-to-grow bulb with exceptional beauty and exotic flavour.

Garden Travels: Margaret Baxter

The otherworldly charm of Margaret Baxter's haven in the heart of Victoria

Precious Peonies

The other amazing thing about this group of plants is their hardiness, making them ideal candidates for interior and northern...


Although I had prepared for a sprinkler system, I nevertheless felt that most of the newcomers should be well suited...

Prolong Perennial Blooms

Planning an early-autumn outdoor wedding? Prolong or delay the flowering of hardy perennials by selective hard-pruning. When monkshood (Aconitum spp.)...

Trim with Care: Line-Trimmers

Line-trimmers are great for grass but can be deadly for trees. A peek inside a tree shows why. Bark is...

Dried Flowers

Nowhere is change more evident than in the garden. A bloom that was perfect only a day ago can quickly...

Chrysanthemums: Mums for Moms

The chrysanthemum was first cultivated in China in the 15th century and was introduced to the Western world during the...

With Flying Colours

Spring is, as they say, bustin’ out all over, and some of the most visible activity in our gardens comes...

Garden of Enchantment

To stroll through the garden of Margaret Baxter in one of the leafy purlieus of Greater Victoria is to feel...

Dilly Beans

• 2 quarts (2.2 L) whole green beans • 4 whole heads of fresh dill, one per jar...

Bountiful Beans

While it may be possible to buy beans in season at your local supermarket, nothing compares to these tasty morsels...

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