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Powdery Mildew

If you’ve recently noticed your rhododendron behaving oddly, it may be affected by powdery mildew. This fungal disease attacks broad-leaved...

Garden Calendar - February

Dig out your seed-starting trays and check for any new items you may need this year to start your seeds.

Earliest-blooming bulbs

The first flowering bulbs to poke up through the fallen leaves and snow, January through March.

Deer-resistant Plants

Deer seem to avoid aromatic plants such as rosemary and lavender. All these plants listed are suited to a warm,

Garden Calendar - January

Explore the possibilities for your next spring garden. If you haven’t sent for a new seed catalogue yet, now is...

Deer-Proofing the Garden

There are all kinds of deer-proofing strategies we never bothered to pursue. For example, we’d heard that deer soon learn...

Deer-resistant and Drought-hardy Garden

Bowen Island may be only a short ferry-ride away from West Vancouver, but for Kathy and David Leishman, it was...

Forever Green

Whether we meticulously plan pleasing colour compositions or haphazardly combine the plants we like, the predominant colour in our garden...

Viburnum Leaf Beetle

Recently a distraught gardener approached me with leaf in hand from his well-established snowball bush – it was riddled with...

Poinsettias herald the festive season

Few plants evoke the festive season more effectively than poinsettias.

The hydroponic garden

Keep your thumb green all year long with a soil-less growing system.

Coming Up Rosehips

When the warm, flower-filled days of summer end with the first autumn rains, I find myself seeking consolation in the...


And at Christmastime, my first thought was to jump out and search for the holly’s distinctive red berries. At the...

Great Scots

I have long admired the majestic beauty of the Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris), and being a native of Scotland myself,

The “Other” Marigold

The common name “marigold” may cause some confusion. The original wild pot marigold (Calendula officinalis) is a native of...

Hardy Flowers for the Winter Garden

David Tarrant's favourite winter-blooming flowers brighten up the season's bleakest days.

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