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Credit: CindyLou Senger. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Thunder Bay Marina

This is the Marina in Thunder Bay Ontario. Every summer I would travel there to spend time with my sister. I grew up in North Western Ontario but I live in the prairies now. My sister Autumn passed away a little over a year ago and these photos were taken when I was with her. She had just been diagnosed with cancer. The sleeping giant watches over my older sister, my self and my younger brother as represented by the three boats in the harbor. North Western Ontario was a beautiful place to grow up.

Credit: David Robertson. Toronto, Ont.

Autumn at Haliburton (Ont.) Cottage

Every fall we are fortunate to be able to enjoy the full extent of nature’s palette in all its glory. Our cottage in Haliburton, Ontario is just a small example of the wonderful colours that engulf us at that time of the year.

Credit: David Robertson. Toronto, Ont.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird

I’m a bit of an amateur bird watcher and once I got a digital camera I’ve enjoyed the challenge of trying to get good photos of birds I see. Hummingbirds are some of my favourites; we keep several feeders going for them at our cottage in Haliburton, Ont. This is a female Ruby-throated Hummingbird stopping by for a snack.

Credit: Brandon Lamacraft. Niagara Falls, Ontario


This is my beautiful cat that I rescued! She was abandoned by her mother at two weeks old. She is the light in my life and that is why I called her LOTTO. She was saved.

Credit: Deborah Gray. Vancouver, BC

Good Morning

My husband is an Air Traffic Controller. He often works the early shift just as the sun is coming up. This picture makes the city look so calm and serene, as if its just waking up with the mist among the buildings and the sun reflecting down on it.

Credit: Tracie Shackell. Waterford , Ontario

My Garden of Joy

My joy and my delight . . . my garden.

Credit: Jennifer Walker

Swing Life Away

My husband put a tire swing in our yard. It couldn’t have made our five-year-old son happier! He even wrote a song while he was swinging that melted my heart. “Tire swing, tire swing, push me high into the sky. Then bring me back down, back down to the ground. When I go up, you go down. Tire swing, tire swing, I love you so . . .”

Credit: Jennifer Kitt

In Thought

This picture catches the moment when deep thought is on the forefront of the mind. I love the beautiful serene surroundings combined with the look of deep thought on my face.

Credit: CindyLou Senger. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Tradition Lives with the Young

I took my granddaughters to a Pow-wow held at the Wanaskewin Heritage Park just outside of Saskatoon on a beautiful warm day. The colours were so beautiful and the sounds of the drums made your heart pound. This young fellow was content to be a part of it all.

Credit: Tyler Roberts. Bon Accord, Alberta

High-speed Photography

When I was on my way home from Seattle and driving through the mountains, I was in awe of the nature surrounding me. So, camera in hand, I had to capture the beauty. The sky, scenery, and road. It was all breathtaking. Going 110 km/h, I hung out the car window and took this picture.

Credit: CindyLou Senger. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Wild Horses

Today my husband, my grandson and I went out of town for a fishing and photo trip. On our way back to town we stopped so I could photograph this pair. My Grandson said the horses reminded him of Disney movie. I thought that was kind of neat, because so often we think teens don’t remember the things they watch as children, but they do.

Credit: Tracie Shackell. Waterford, Ontario

Quilt of Lavender

The intoxicating smell of Lavender comforts the body mind and soul, just like a warm blanket.

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