How to Incorporate Rattan in Your Home

We're sharing four simple ways to add a boho flare to your home

We’re sharing four simple ways to add a boho flare to your home

With warmer weather just around the corner, it’s a great time to give your home a fresh, spring update. As far as design trends go, few are as timeless as rattan. This stylish, boho trend is incredibly versatile, and gives any space a fresh, beachfront feel.

With the pandemic halting travel for the moment, why not use this evergreen trend to create an at-home resort?

We’re sharing four simple ways to incorporate rattan in your home this spring…

The terms “wicker” and “rattan” are often used interchangeably, but there’s an important distinction between them. “Rattan is a material, and wicker refers to the weaving technique of the material,” says Danielle Henderson, founder of new rattan furniture brand neutral shade.

Henderson adds that what makes rattan so appealing as a design trend is that it’s both stylish and sturdy. “Some of the most beautiful luxury interiors in the world feature rattan pieces, as they instantly inspire a ‘tropical paradise’ vibe and are very durable and long-lasting.”


1. Furniture Accents

If you want to give your home a luxury feel this spring, add one or two “accent” furniture pieces to your favourite space. Rattan furniture works great as an accent, as each piece is often unique and stands out right away.

In the living room, opt for a round rattan coffee table, or a cozy armchair with bright patterned cushions and linens. If you’re feeling bold and want to add a statement piece to your bedroom, why not go for a rattan headboard? Accent pieces like these are a great way to add texture to a space, creating a truly cottage-esque vibe.


2. Accessorize

When it comes to accessorizing with rattan, your options are endless. From hanging flower baskets to wall art, this is your chance to get creative. Even simple rattan knick knacks on your shelf can instantly add character to a dull space.

To give your dining or kitchen table a “spring picnic” feel, add rattan placemats under brightly coloured dish sets. Nothing says spring like natural materials and sunny colours!


3. Storage

In keeping with its versatility, rattan pieces make excellent storage for hiding clutter or organizing items. Larger hampers work perfectly for storing laundry in style, while smaller baskets on your shelves or desk are ideal for hiding office supplies and keeping your home office tidy.

If you’ve got your share of baskets, we also love this stylish rattan clothing rack from neutral shade.


4. Patio Furniture

Rattan is a patio staple. To create a truly boho feel in your home this spring, incorporate rattan furniture outdoors. You don’t need a large backyard or front porch to make the most of this trend. A simple rattan lounge chair paired with a matching side table is all you need to create an ideal, resort-style nook, perfect for enjoying drinks in the sun.