Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2024

With a new year upon us, it’s the perfect time to give your home a design upgrade. We spoke to some of BC’s best interior designers to get the scoop on 2024’s design trends.

Look Beyond White

This year, colour will be the name of the game. 

“All-white interiors are no longer a top priority,” says interior designer Maria DeCotiis, “We are moving away from white kitchens and are embracing warm neutrals on cabinets and walls.” 

We can also expect to see plenty of moody, vibrant hues. Think deep blues, emerald greens, burgundy, and charcoal.

“Combine these colours with sumptuous textures, in velvet sofas, plush area rugs, and even metallic accents,” shares DeCotiis, “Moody doesn’t mean sombre, it means creating a cocooning effect, a space that feels intimate, sophisticated, warm, and inviting.”


Designer Maria Nordlund concurs. “A range of colours are showing up on social media and in magazines, including deep jewel tones, muted palettes, and light, fresh colours,” she says, “Having fun with colour can bring a space to life.”

Maria DeCotiis

Additionally, keep an eye out for more earth-tone colour palettes, from warm beiges to soft greys, designed to bring the warmth of the outdoors inside.

Make a Statement With Lighting

Provoke Studios, Kalu Interiors

Joy Chao, Lead Interior Designer at John Henshaw Architect Inc., says to expect more personalization in the form of bolder design touches, particularly in light fixtures. 

“Indirect lighting is both functional and more comfortable. Sculptural pieces can visually anchor a space, adding a wow factor while still providing the required amount of light. Whether it’s a stylish pendant or a chic table or floor lamp, investing in distinctive light fixtures can dramatically enhance the ambiance of your home—and put your signature on it.”


Black Kitchens

Photography: 360 HomeTours 1 | Kalu Interiors

Whether utilized for an entire kitchen or just as an accent colour, black kitchens are a trend to watch this year, say design duo Phyllis Lui and Aleem Kassam of Kalu Interiors

“Classic yet bold, black can be used in kitchen cabinetry, countertops, hardware, or even plumbing and lighting. The options are endless.”

Black countertop spaces can be paired strategically with a contrasting cabinet colour to add both drama and balance. Alternatively, black also goes great with wood tones. 

For those seeking not to fully commit to the trend, incorporating black accents in subtle ways like hardware or light fixtures is just as effective.

Whimsical Textures and Embellishments

Photo: Jenny Liu Photography, Kalu Interiors
+ Maria DeCotiis

When it comes to adding texture, tactility is key, says Nordlund. “As people want to connect with the earth and natural materials more, texture offers an added layer of sensory enjoyment,” she says, “This trend is going to continue into 2024 with no end in sight.”

“Whether your style is contemporary or traditional, finishing details are what makes a space come together”, she says, “Embroidery, tassels, studs, fringe, edging, and layering personalize and elevate any room whether the overall design style is casual or ornate. Details just make everything more interesting!”

Also, in the spirit of personalization, don’t hesitate to make a design statement.

“Remember that a good portion of your walls will have furniture, art, and drapery layered on it,” adds Nordlund, “Don’t be afraid to create a backdrop that complements your space.”

If in doubt, opt for flair, and have fun with it. This year will be all about adding personal touches and whimsy.

More Greenery

Provoke Studios/Kalu Interiors,
Janis Nicolay/Maria Nordlund

House plants continue to be a growing trend in 2024, say Kassam and Lui. 

“Now more than ever, our clients are seeking a connection with nature and a chance to bring the outdoors in, while also adding a softness to those sometimes cold or austere spaces. Incorporating greenery, whether natural or artificial, can be implemented in a variety of ways, from an indoor planter to full wall feature installations, or framed accents.”

Can’t decide between natural or faux? It will depend on your environment or lifestyle and there is no wrong answer. But if you do decide to opt for the latter, rest assured that faux greenery has come a long way in looking nearly identical to the real thing. 

Whichever direction you decide to go, greenery is a winning way to add visual interest and depth to any space. 

Mix and Match

Janis Nicolay/Maria Nordlund
+ JHA©

Mixing and matching tonal material has the power to transform a space, and expect to see plenty of this trend in 2024.  

“A cohesive and harmonious look is created by using variations of the same colour or material throughout a space,” says Chao, “Subtlety and layering different shades, textures, and patterns within a similar colour family can achieve a sophisticated and visually pleasing result.”