Glimpses of a special garden Pt. 1

Credit: David Thompson


As a gardener currently without garden, I have found solace this year in visits to the creations of some of the very welcoming members of my garden club.

Just recently I recharged in the stunning tapestry of flowers and foliage that is the garden of Ali and David Thompson, at their home a few steps from breathtaking Lee Bay in Irvine’s Landing on the Sunshine Coast.

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Gold Heart (Gold Bleeding Heart) adds a touch of contrast and drama to a shady bit of the spring garden.

Ali and David are among those high-energy gardeners who plant up their entire property, then proceed to rearrange it time and time again to perfection, and finally with nothing left to do, put their property up for sale and plan to move to another piece of unplanted land somewhere to start over again!

gardenwise blogs, carol pope's blog, chinese tree peony, peony, tree peony
With blossoms close to a foot in diameter, Ali says this Chinese tree peony puts on a stunning show.

The lucky party able to purchase their home will be in for season after season of garden discoveries – as David has been capturing these past few years with his camera.

Here are just a very few glimpses of this multi-layered garden masterpiece with its myriad native bulbs, rare flowers, vine-woven trellises, swaying grasses and textured foliage.

Stay tuned for more images from the Thompsons’ garden!

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