Harvesting Honey

Collecting a golden harvest from the hives is a relatively simple process:

Bees are removed from honey “supers” (hive frames placed above the brood chamber and containing only honey) by using a bee escape that allows the bees to move out but not back in. Other common techniques include brushing the bees from the frames, smoking them out or blowing them out using a bee blower.

Wax cappings on the comb are then scratched away to reveal the honey inside.

The frames are now placed in an extractor that whirls the honeycomb at high speeds against its walls. The honey drains down the walls and is poured from a spout at the bottom of the extractor.

The honey is then allowed to settle, enabling impurities to float to the top. Any excess wax is also filtered out as the honey is poured through a series of graduated filters.

It’s now ready to be bottled!