JoieFarm’s organic unoaked Chardonnay

The newly rebranded JoieFarm boasts an award-winning organic Chardonnay.

Credit: JoieFarm

JoieFarm’s organic unoaked Chardonnay will have you singing a different tune about the grape’s local potential

B.C.’s wineries have long been celebrated for their Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc varietals, but it’s more difficult to grow a Chardonnay grape that can be transformed into the smooth, buttery whites more common to sunnier California climates.

Heidi Noble and Michael Dinn of JoieFarm in Naramata claim success with their 2008 unoaked Chardonnay. Winner of the 2009 Best in Class award at the All Canadian Wine Championships, JoieFarm’s unoaked Chardonnay was inspired by Heidi and Michael’s love of Burgundian Chardonnays from the wine region of Macon, France.

“Frequent lees-stirring gives the 2008 JoieFarm unoaked Chardonnay the texture to complement seafood and mushrooms, while the crisp acidity cuts through the richness of these ingredients.

The wine’s flavour profile of apple, honey and mineral also complements notes like lemon and sage.”

Michael Dinn, JoieFarm

Formerly known simply as Joie, JoieFarm has recently rebranded with its expansion to grow its own grapes. Now farming three acres at their location in Naramata, owners Noble and Dinn follow a strict organic regimen although the vineyard is not certified organic.

Newer vintages incorporate crops from their own vineyard with harvests from 16 local family farms. The winery does not host tastings or tours because of limited quantities, but its wines can be found in private wine shops and at select restaurants throughout Vancouver and Victoria.