Pruning lavender in the spring? Yes, with one condition. . .

Prune Lavender Plants in the Springtime

Springtime is the best time for lavender pruning

Good news – it’s not too late to prune your lavender… For those of you kicking yourselves because you didn’t get your lavender perfectly pruned last year, don’t panic. In fact, despite the fact that many gardeners successfully trim their lavender in fall, our BC Master Gardeners actually recommend pruning these plants when they start to wake up in the springtime.

The key is to wait until the weather is warm enough that they start growing again – don’t make the mistake of snipping too early in the season, when the weather is still prone to cold snaps.

And once you start snipping, consider allowing a few of those cuttings to take root!

Getting the Most from Your Lavender

For additional tips on trimming and growing your lavender, check out this helpful PDF from the BC Master Gardeners.