Weeds in the garden

It’s easier to pull weeds out now while the earth is moist and before they become deep rooted. Perennial weeds are easy to spot before hidden by lush new growth.

Go round the garden digging out dandelions, buttercups or plantain wherever you spy them. Pernicious weeds, such as morning glory, couch grass or ground elder have underground roots that spread rampantly so it’s best to remove the entire root.

Annual weeds, such as chickweed, are easy to hoe or pull out by hand. Weed piles can be turned back into the soil, added to the compost pile (or fed to chickens).

TIP: Unless your compost gets hot enough to kill weed seeds, don’t put pernicious weeds or weed seeds into compost piles; you don’t want to inadvertently spread them around the garden!

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