Get Organized With Effective Kitchen Storage Solutions

Neat Method got my kitchen and pantry organized. Here are their tips to get your space organized and keep it that way

Neat Method got my kitchen and pantry organized. Here are their expert tips to get your space organizedand keep it that way

Mornings can be hectic. But having an intuitively organizednot to mention beautiful looking kitchencan make the start of the day go so much smoother. With easy access to all of the items in your pantry, getting breakfast on the table, packing snacks and lunches, and feeding yourself becomes quicker and less stressful.Natalie Langston in her kitchenJanis NicolayWhen I started looking for some organizing solutions for my kitchen, Neat Method caught my eye right away. Jen and Sarah from Neat are amazing. They offer more than organization, but rather a lifestyle service providing smartly appointed living spaces with a luxurious feel. The kitchen solution they created for my family is customized, which makes it effective and sustainable and therefore easy to maintain.

I wanted to pick Jen and Sarah’s brains for some professional tips on how to get your kitchen and pantry organized. Below, we’ve got the inside scoop about getting things in order, as well as how to stay organized—which is really the most important part.organized kitchen cabinet with grid basketsJanis Nicolay

BCL: When organizing a kitchen, where should you start?
NM: Organizing a large space like a kitchen can be overwhelming. While our typical method involves pulling everything in the entire space out all at once, if you are new to organizing, we recommend starting small. Begin with a drawer or a smaller cupboard—to build up your confidence.

BCL: What are some top tips to easily and efficiently organize your pantry?
NM: Create categories that work for not only your lifestyle but the nature of your space. In a smaller space, these categories can be broad (e.g. dinner prep or breakfast) and in a larger space you can get more niche, like pasta, grains, and sauces. Contain each category together or in a series of containers, such as baskets or bins, a riser or turntable. In the case of bins, use labels on the front of eachthis is going to encourage you (and everyone in your household) to maintain the system. Place items used most frequently at heights that are easily accessible.organized kitchen cabinets with wire basketsJanis Nicolay

BCL: What storage solutions would you recommend to help stay organized?
NM: We always suggest investing in organizational products that look seamless with your decor and style. Not only will it look beautiful, it’s also going to motivate you to want to keep it looking so. Our own line of Neat Method products are designed with that in mindfrom the shape and finishes to the ability to mix and match materials across the collection. We love using these canisters to decant dry goods out of their busy packaging to reduce visual clutter. Turntables or a tiered riser are a great way to make items at the back of a shelf more easily accessible. Label holders really elevate your labeling game on something like our grid basket or perforated basket.Organized kitchen cabinetJanis Nicolay

BCL: If you’re overwhelmed and need to call in the professionals, how can Neat help?
NM: If you’re not the do-it-yourself type, we are here to help. Virtually or in-home, we can design a custom plan and get your spaces organized and working for you.

BCL: How would you work with a homeowner like me?
NM: We love to start with an in-home consultation so we can get to know you, your household, and your space. We’ll have you tour us through the areas of your home that you’re finding a challenge to keep organized, get to know about your lifestyle and what your biggest pain points are, and we’ll take photos and measurements to be able to put together a proposal. If you decide to move forward with our in-home service, we’ll take care of everything. This includes purchasing the necessary storage solutions to implementing an entire system that works for your specific needs and donating/disposing unwanted items.Neat Method organizing a kitchenJanis NicolayJen and Sarah at Neat Method know their stuff. It’s amazing how a professional eye combined with their experience of organizing hundreds of homes can make all the difference. I love the details, like labels and baskets, that help me maintain the organization once the professionals have left. It feels like they really set me up for success. I’ve heard a clean space equals a clean mind and so far, it’s working. I’m feeling way more inspired and less flustered now that my kitchen and pantry are organized with effective storage solutions that are easy to maintain.